Boots add a touch of glamour, class and style to your attire. If you’re wondering how to wear boots with style then read on the following write-up and style will come to you naturally!

How To Wear Boots

Remember how cute Shrek’s Puss looks in boots? But boots not only make you look cute but also sexy, sassy and, obviously hot, all at the same time. And as if looks alone were not reason enough to grab a pair, the classy, sophisticated and elegant things that these boots are, they are also timeless. Meaning? They never ever go out of trend! In case you didn’t know it already, you need not wait for snow or rain to take out the pair of boots from your shoe closet. Boots are a necessity for every girl and can be a style attack for any occasion. With different sizes and heels that are available in the market, choose wisely and purchase a pair that is economical and fashionable as well – not to mention it has to be comfortable too! If you have seen any of the cowboy movies, you would probably imagine a girl in fitted jeans, cowboy hat, waist coat and boots and would probably try to picture yourself in that attire. But not all of us live in Arizona and ride a horse for daily commuting so our attires would be a tad bit different from theirs! Read this article to find out how to incorporate boots in your daily attire with great ease and style.
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How To Wear Boots With Style
With Skirts
If you have it then go ahead and flaunt it! This is the only line that should stay on your mind when you are dressing up in skirts and boots. The size of the skirt and the boots are to be strictly inversely proportional. If the skirt is small then wear a high raise boot and if it is the other way around then wear an ankle boot. Do not ever make the mistake of wearing a high rise boot with a long skirt. It does absolutely nothing to your figure and makes your legs appear shorter. Wear stiletto heels on boots when you are putting on a short skirt for the flirty look. Put on a pair of tights underneath your skirt if you are the conservative sorts.
With Denims
The more rough and torn and tattered your boots the better they look with a pair of denims. You could experiment with ankle boots, leather boots which are either flat or with heels. Jeans give you the liberty to either be comfortable or dressy all the time. With jeans inside boot you automatically whip up a glamorous air around you. And if you are thinking of boot cuts then the peek-a-boo look of the heel and toe of your boots is chic and fashionable as well. Remember to tuck your skinny jeans inside your tall boots if you have skinny legs and are not afraid to flaunt them!
With Dresses
High boots with stiletto heels can make the most ordinary dresses look attractive and drop-dead-gorgeous! Contrast light and plain frocks with ultramodern leather boots for the best effect. If you want to show some skin then opt for the ankle boots that come in outrageous colours with flashy buckles for the cool and urbane look. For a formal occasion, try out an over the knee pair of boots along with a knee length dress for the smart and professional appearance.
With Leggings
The staple and most popular boots that go well with leggings are the slim and high boots. These are also well-suited for the slim and trim amongst us. Pair a boot which fits well around your leg. Avoid ultra body hugging boots that make the skin above the boot bulge out in an ugly manner! Another thing to look out for is that the boots should not be slouchy and there should not be more than half an inch of space between the leg and the boot. Slouchy boots give you the vibes of the 70s and if you want to be a blast from the past then you can go ahead and try that look as well.

Hope the above mentioned tips give you a good idea of what boots to wear with which outfit. Watch out for the fashion shows and the red carpet events for the latest trends and style.

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