Visible panty lines can spoil your sensational outfits. Read the article below for few tips on how to get rid of panty lines.

How To Get Rid Of Panty Lines


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Panties have gone through many progressions, and women no longer have granny panties as their only alternative. You have thongs, boy shorts, bikinis, and briefs that are designed for comfort, work outs, sleeping, and menstrual cycle. But most of the panties have one glaring defect, and that is the formation of panty lines which becomes visible when worn under certain clothing. There is a serious buzz among women about visible panty lines, as it can cause a lot of embarrassment, especially if you wear any sheen clothing. There are various other fabrics and clothing styles that can reveal the panty lines more than others. While panty lines were not much of a worry in the past, in recent times it has become a huge concern for women.  With low waist, and tight fitting clothes, visible panty lines are a turn off. If you are worried about your visible panty lines and want to get rid of them, here are a few simple ways in which you can hide them. 

Tips To Get Rid Of Panty Lines
  • Wearing thongs is an effective way of hiding and preventing panty lines. Ensure that your thongs are not too tight, since it can create a bulgy figure. Invest in thongs that fit your size. You can pair your low rise thongs with a pair of low waist jeans or pants, and you need not worry about showing any panty lines.
  • A lot of women think that briefs are only for men, but even women can wear them. Wearing briefs will help you to avoid panty lines. Invest in the right size and fabric. You can choose briefs made of silk or nylon fabrics as they cling to your body, and are not too tight.
  • There are also boxer briefs available for women. You can consider wearing boxer briefs without worrying about the any bulges formed by elastics and fabrics. Stay away from ill fitted boxers as they might result in boxer brief lines. However, women’s boxer briefs are designed to fit you securely.
  • A lot of people haven’t heard about boy short panties. These are made of electric mesh, and are stretchy, making them very comfortable. You can buy them from most of the lingerie stores. They do not ride up, and cluster to create a panty line. They do have thick bulky elastics, but it fixes around your bottoms, avoiding the formation of panty lines.
  • To get rid of panty lines you can consider body shaping undergarments, which are more comfortable to wear than any other type of panties. These body hugging panties have been inspired by bicycle shorts, and start from waist down to your mid-thigh. Most body hugging undergarments are made from a material called spandex, which doesn’t show any panty lines.   
  • Avoid wearing cotton panties to get rid of panty lines. Though cotton undergarments are known for their comfort, they contain elastics that tend to roll when you wear them all day. These panties can also bulge from behind. If you still want to wear cotton panties then go for those that have thin elastic bands, a subtle hem line, lesser stitching, and the ones without seam.
  • When choosing panties remember that size does matter. Do not buy a loose fitting panty as it will skulk or gather up, and a tight fitting one will pinch and bind you, which in turn will create visible panty lines.

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