Are you worried about acne and pimples that are ruining the beauty and glow of your skin? Are you keen to get rid of them quickly? Read this article to get skincare tips for acne prone skin.

Tips For Acne Free Skin

Everyone longs for a flawless, radiating skin free of acne and pimples. Acne not only ruins the look and your skin, it also makes you feel awkward and lowers your self-confidence. It is imperative for you to feel good about yourself in order to present a self-assured image to the world at large. Acne occurs when the pores in your skin get blocked with sebum, a kind of oil that greases your skin and hair. Acne is more common during puberty years when hormones undergo several changes and become over-active. One usually finds acne on the forehead, nose and chin as these areas consist of most of the oil producing glands of your body. Before heading towards a parlor or a dermatologist, it is only prudent to find out some home remedies that are economical but also timesaving and gentler on the affected skin. Some basic changes, like switching over to a more nutritional diet or applying some herbal packs or even regulating your sleeping hours, can help you in getting an acne free skin.
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Wash Your Face Regularly
It is a good habit to wash your face twice a day with a sulfur based soap especially made for acne-prone skin. It is very important to wash your face once when you first wake up in the morning and then, before you go to bed at night. Do not scrub or rub hard on your soft skin. Even avoid using any kind of rough cloth on your face or over washing your face otherwise, the sebaceous glands would start generating more sebum, thus escalating your acne problem.
Keep Your Hair Off Your Face
Many people do not realize it but long hair falling on the face also causes acnes. This is because hair consists of oils that tend to increase the problem of acne. Wash your hair regularly and keep it clean and dandruff-free. It is also advisable to pull your hair away from your face.
A Well Balanced Diet
You also need to keep your body healthy from inside, only then can you get a permanent solution for your acne problem. A well-balanced nutritional diet is a must to maintain a healthy lustrous skin. Take a diet that is rich in vitamins to supplement any sort of deficiencies in your body. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will keep your skin radiating and flawless. Vitamin A is crucial in maintaining and refurbishing the tissues which the skin and mucous membranes are made of. Vitamin A also acts as a wonderful antioxidant and flushes away all the impurities from your body.
Add Chromium In Your Food
Chromium is considered great for those who are making efforts to lose weight also. Consult your doctor and if s/he suggests, take a chromium supplement once a day to treat your pimples rapidly and keep your skin shining!
Don’t Underestimate Your Beauty Sleep
The easiest way to get an acne free skin is to sleep for 7-8 hours daily. A sound sleep cleanses your body from inside, removing the toxins and thereby, keeping your entire body system functioning well. Beauty sleep helps your skin to rejuvenate, reinstates your energy levels and enhances our immune system so that it is able to resist diseases and infections.
Apply Honey Mask
Honey works as panacea on acne as it comprises of antibacterial properties that help in purifying and curing acnes and blemishes. Honey is very soothing on sensitive skin; apply a honey mask on your face on a weekly basis for best results.
Avoid Using Makeup
Avoid using makeup as much as possible, as it comprises of chemicals that may harm your skin, increasing the problem of acne and pimples. Even if you need to apply makeup, keep it as light as possible and remove it before going to sleep with a reputed makeup remover. Harsh makeup products block the pores of your skin, augmenting acne and blackheads.
Do Not Prick, Pop Or Squeeze Your Pimples
For many people, it is very enticing to scratch, rub, prick or even squeeze pimples, but be aware that these mannerisms only increase sebum production in your skin. Squeezing rips apart the membranes below the skin, leading to skin infections and, in turn, more pimples and acne. Pricking pimples brings the bacteria to the surface causing inflammation and more acne.
Drink Plenty Of Water
The best remedy to get a clear skin is to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Water keeps your body hydrated, maintains the blood pressure and eradicates the toxins that create acne and pimples. When your body is clean from inside, it reflects on your skin too. Dehydration leads to wrinkled, dry and dull skin. Water also aids in making the skin more elastic, triggering cellular growth and repair.
Wash Your Pillow Case On Alternative Days
Every day, when you sleep, your face comes in contact with the pillow case. The case absorbs oil from your face and returns back the dirt and oil. This causes infections and more acne on your face. Therefore, it is very crucial that you wash your pillow cases on alternative days, to keep your skin clean.
You needn’t worry any more if you have an acne prone skin. It is not impossible to get rid of acne and pimples. Before you rush towards expensive and unnecessary treatments, try out these simple, easy to follow home remedies and get a healthy, glowing and shimmering skin to be proud of!

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