Find out useful tips on healthy dieting & dieting foods.

Low Residue Diet

Low residue diet, as the name suggests, is low on any kind of residue or fiber content. Let us explore information on foods that form a part of the low residue diet.

Microbiotic Diet

A microbiotic diet detoxifies the body and helps it fight against many diseases. With this article, you will learn what the microbiotic diet plan is all about.

Liquid Fasting

Liquid fasting helps you shed weight quickly and effectively. Check out the article to get some tips on liquid fasting diets.

Negative Calorie Diet

Negative calorie foods help reduce weight, without making you starve. Know more about negative calorie diet and how it helps burn the fat present in your body.

Diets For Teenagers

Teenagers require the right nutritional intake for a proper growth and development. Read onto find healthy diets for teens to compensate for their high energy usage.

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

One can easily lose weight by eating healthy food. Learn more about healthy diet for weight loss.

Skinny Bitch Diet

Conscious about those extra kilos in your body!! The Skinny Bitch diet plan, provided by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, tells us how to have that perfect figure.

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is a meal plan designed specially for heart patients. To know more about south beach food plan, read on.

Colitis Diet

Colitis is a condition, where recommended diet is supposed to help in managing the symptoms. To know the recommended diet for colitis, read on.

Foods To Avoid While Dieting

There are certain foods, which should be avoided while dieting or losing weight, at any cost. Given below are some food items to avoid while on a weight loss diet.

Vegetable Soup Diet

Vegetable soup diet is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight and stay fit. Check out the 7 day veg soup diet given below.

Gerd Diet

Gerd diet is especially recommended for people suffering from Acid Reflux. Check out Gerd diet plan and foods.

Whole Food Diet

Eating of whole food diet is said to be the ideal way one can maintain a healthy mind & body. Read the concept of whole foods diet to understand what it is.

Lemonade Diet

Lemonade Diet, also known as Master Cleanse Diet, was introduced by Stanley Burroughs. Know more about lemonade cleanse master diet recipe.

Mediterranean Diet Recipe

The Mediterranean diet meal plan and recipes will give you better health and an improved lifestyle. Check out the Mediteranean diet food list.

Candida Diet

Candida diet is the name of the diet taken to cure the overgrowth of candida in the body. Check out the list of the food items that are included and excluded in Candida diet.

Diet Chart

Diet plays a vital role in keeping and maintaining a healthy body. Get more information about Indian Diet Chart in this article.

Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic diet has undergone many alterations since its inception by George Ohsawa. With this article, know what the Macrobiotic diet really is.

Special K Diet

Special K is a cereal, essentially made from rice & wheat by Kellogg’s. Check out Special K cereal diet facts in this article.

Vegetarian Diet

The trend of turning a vegetarian or vegetarianism is fast catching up around the world due to the endless health benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Gall Bladder Diet

Gall bladder ailments are found to be attacking more & more people these days. Read how a number of gallbladder problems can be prevented or eliminated by a low fat gall bladder diet.

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