One can easily lose weight by eating healthy food. Learn more about healthy diet for weight loss.

Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

Many people resort to crash dieting to lose weight, wherein they stop eating abruptly. This puts a lot of stress on the system and leads to many problems. Though, initially the person tends to lose weight, after sometime it becomes stagnant. In effect, one should never skip eating but instead switch over to a healthy diet regime.  This should include all the natural and healthy food items, which provide nutrition to the body rather than calories. One of the prime sources of nutrition is fruits and vegetables. Apart from including the vital components, make sure you eliminate all the high calorie, junk foods and sugary products from your diet. For more on healthy eating for weight loss, read on.
Healthy Food for Weight Loss
  • Take a glass of pure unsweetened fruit juice or skimmed milk in breakfast.
  • Add some fresh sliced fruits over your breakfast cereal, along with a handful of dried apricots and raisins.
  • You can make a banana sandwich prepared with wholemeal / granary bread, to provide fiber to the body.
  • Fruit smoothie made from fresh fruit is another great option. Add some skimmed milk or low fat yoghurt for a creamy consistency. 
  • Avoid fried snacks from outside. Substitute by portions of carrot batons, dried apricots, raisins and grapes.
  • Make some crudités with carrots batons, celery sticks, baby sweet corn and asparagus to enjoy with a low calorie dip.
  • A fresh fruit is always a better and healthy substitute for high sugar or calorie snack. 
  • Include tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad leaves to your lunch so that you feel filled and eat less.
  • Vegetable soup is also a great option for winter season, which will provide ample nutrition.
  • Add low fat yogurt to your lunch to make the food interesting. 
Evening Meal
  • The evening meal should have at least one vegetable.
  • Sliced vegetables can be added to stir fries and disguise grated carrot in homemade dishes to reduce the calorie intake.
  • Make a fresh fruit salad for dessert for dinner, which is tasty as well as healthy 
Healthy Eating Out
  • While on the move have pure, unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice instead of soft drinks.
  • Order a side salad or vegetables rather than high calorie food items.
  • Order a fresh fruit salad for dessert for satisfying the hunger and adding that punch to the menu.

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