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Which Foods Help Relieve Diarrhea

Diarrhea is basically the condition in which loose, watery stools are passed by a person frequently. It refers to liquid bowel movements and is considered long term when a person has had it for a continuous four weeks. A person with diarrhea passes stool more than three times a day. Acute diarrhea lasts for a couple of days, while prolonged diarrhea lasts for more than two days and may result in dehydration. It may be caused due to bacterial infection, viral infection, food intolerance, parasites, reaction to medicines and intestinal diseases. The symptoms of diarrhea include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea and an urgent need to use the washroom. In the following lines, we will tell you which foods help relieve diarrhea.
Home Remedies for Diarrhea
  • The best way to cure diarrhea is consumption of loads of water and other liquids. As the body looses considerable amount of fluids, the best way to recover is by taking in lots of water. The most preferred drink is the salt and sugar mixture, which regains the water loss in the body and helps prevent dehydration.
  • You should avoid consuming dairy products because a prolonged period of diarrhea may temporarily reduce supplies of the intestinal enzyme (lactase) needed to digest milk. If milk is not properly digested, the byproducts can lead to even more diarrhea and abdominal cramps.
  • Foods that are high in fat content, fried foods, foods that are high in fiber, and very spicy foods should be avoided.
  • Certain foods may help reduce diarrhea, by slowing the passage of food through the intestinal tract or helping to replenish minerals and other nutrients lost as a result of diarrhea. These foods include bananas, rice, applesauce and toast -- the so-called BRAT diet often recommended for children suffering from diarrhea.
  • Gatorade and similar sports drinks, enriched with vitamins and minerals, are very helpful in such cases.
  • Yoghurt is a recommended diary product which one must intake. It helps in getting rid of diarrhea, because it has some good digestive bacteria that are lost during motions.
  • Charcoal may also be used for relieving a variety of ailments, such as diarrhea, vomiting and many others. Charcoal's ability to absorb and prevent substances from dislodging or reabsorbing into the body makes it a popular choice for detoxifying the liver and kidneys.
  • While Blackberry tea is good for mild diarrhea, Ginger tea stops cramps and pain. Liquids that should be avoided are caffeine and alcohol. Drinks like ginger ale or carrot juice is good for making the stools less watery.
  • Boil brown rice and water for 45 minutes. Eat the rice as it contains Vitamin B and drink the water. It is beneficial in treating person suffering from diarrhea.
  • Coconut juice and pomegranate juice are effective liquids that help reduce diarrhea.
  • Avoid taking in foods which have Vitamin C content because they can cause diarrhea.
  • Curd, with mango juice or ginger juice, cures diarrhea. Mango nut powder, along with water, is also good for diarrhea.
  • A handful of chopped radish, mixed with a cup of cold milk and half a teaspoon of cornstarch should be blended well. Drink the mixture slowly. This would help stop diarrhea within an hour.
  • Honey mixed with water is also effective in stopping diarrhea. Four tbsp honey, mixed with eight ounces of water, should be consumed.
  • Fresh juice of Indian Gooseberry (Amla), mixed with lemon juice and sugar, is beneficial to reduce the effects of diarrhea.
  • You can also make a powder of 10 gm of Indian Gooseberry (Amla) and five gm of Chebulic Myrobalan (Haritaki). One gram of this mixture intake everyday helps reduce diarrhea.
  • Boil water and allow it to cool. Then, add three spoons of black pepper and one and a half spoon of kelp to two cups of water. Drink the mixture. It is a very good natural remedy to cure diarrhea.

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