This sections gives information on various mental health disorders. Also check out useful advice on attaining good mental & emotional health.

Types Of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is the body’s normal response to stress, which manifests itself in various types. Explore the article below to learn more on the different types of anxiety disorders.

Panic Attacks

Sudden fear and apprehension describes a panic attack. Read the article below to know more on panic attacks.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders are characterized by irrational fear and worry. Read the article below to learn more on anxiety disorders.

Overcoming Food Obsession

Food obsession is quite similar to any other form of obsession and addiction. Read the article below to know more on overcoming food addiction.

The Signs Of Compulsive Eating

Compulsive eating is a disorder that many with weight issues face. Explore the article below to know more on the symptoms of compulsive eating.

Signs And Symptoms Of Commitment Phobia

Commitment phobia is an ingrained fear and can affect almost anyone. Here are few tips to deal with commitment phobia.

How To Know If You Need A Therapist

There are some tell-tale signs to indicate that you need a therapist to deal with life. Here’s how to know if you need a therapist.

How To Improve Concentration

We all have problems in concentrating every once in a while, urging for a need for improving concentration. Explore this article to know the tips on how to improve your concentration.

Signs & Symptoms Of Nervous Breakdown

Nervous breakdown may be difficult to identify in the beginning; but, knowing its probable signs and symptoms may help. Read on to know more warning signs of nervous breakdown.

How To Overcome Fear Of Water

Nothing is calmer than the gentle waves of water soothing the body. Learn through this articles ways in which to overcome your fear of water or aquaphobia.

How To Overcome Fear Of Sea

Compare yourself to a tiny drop of water that bravely thrives and in fact creates a big ocean. Learn how to overcome your fear of the sea.

How To Overcome A Fear Of Needles

If the sight of needles sets your heart thumping then you have needle phobia. Read the article below to learn more on how you can overcome/ get over the A fear of needles i.e. needle phobia.

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is very common, though not many of us like to talk about it, because of the pain it brings along. Know about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), its signs, symptoms and treatment.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder, a.k.a social phobia, is a real disorder that needs to be treated as soon as possible. Read on to explore its causes and symptoms in detail.

Fear Of Being Alone

Do you feel an uncontrollable fear of being alone? Read on to get a reason and a solution for this fear.

What Are The Symptoms Of Psychological Disorders

Psychological disorders affect the physical and emotional development of an individual. Read the article below to learn more about the symptoms of psychological disorders.

How To Improve Memory And Concentration

Are you afraid of a bad memory? Explore the article given below to get tips and techniques to improve your memory and concentration.

Types Of Mental Disorders

Mental disorders are seen as the demonstration of a behavioral, psychological, or biological dysfunction in the victim. Explore the article to know various types/kinds of mental illnesses.

How To Get Rid Of Paranoia

Suspicious? Distrustful? Think there’s someone out there to harm you? You might be suffering from Paranoia. Read on to know how to get rid of paranoia.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is just what it suggests, a disorder because of compulsive impulse. Read on to know more about OCD.

How To Get Rid Of Brain Fog

Brain fog is a very common problem today. Read on to know how to get rid of brain fog

What Is A Nervous Breakdown

Nervous breakdown is a mental illness, characterized by depression and anxiety. Go through the article, to get detailed info on what is a nervous breakdown and what are its causes & symptoms.

Teaching Autistic Children

Teaching autistic children is a challenge in itself. Learn how to teach a child with autism, by following the tips given in this article.

What Is Identity Crisis

Identity crisis refers to the condition in which you lose a sense of personal semblance or historical permanence. Let us explore the various areas of identity crisis.

How To Get Rid Of A Bad Memory

If you are wondering how to get rid of a bad memory, your search ends here. In this article, we have provided helpful ways to get rid of bad memories, just for you.

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