Identity crisis refers to the condition in which you lose a sense of personal semblance or historical permanence. Let us explore the various areas of identity crisis.

What Is Identity Crisis

The fast-paced world of today has led us to make advancements in many fields. However, there are also certain areas in which it has created more trouble than doing good. And one such area is our mental health. Many new problems, which were unknown earlier, are manifesting themselves in the present day world. In this context, one of the best examples is 'identity crisis', which has made the teenagers of today an extremely confused lot. The main culprits behind it are rapid development in technology, global economy and the dynamics in local and world politics. In this article, we will help you gain an understanding into identity, identity crisis and the various areas of identity crisis.
What Is Identity
As per psychologist Erik Erikson, identity is "a subjective sense as well as an observable quality of personal sameness and continuity, paired with some belief in the sameness and continuity of some shared world image. As a quality of unselfconscious living, this can be gloriously obvious in a young person who has found himself as he has found his communality. In him we see emerge a unique unification of what is irreversibly given--that is, body type and temperament, giftedness and vulnerability, infantile models and acquired ideals--with the open choices provided in available roles, occupational possibilities, values offered, mentors met, friendships made, and first sexual encounters."
What Is Identity Crisis
Identity crisis can be described as the stage in which a person ends up misplacing any sense of personal semblance or historical permanence. He remains in confusion as to the role that he is playing in this world. In majority of the cases, people suffer from identity crisis in the teenage years only, when they are trying to build their individuality. The ones who manage to get over their identity crisis go on to face future challenges with resolve and achieve great success in their life. However, the identity crisis may prove to be recurring in nature, as the 'constantly' changing times demand a 'constant' redefinition on our part as well.
Areas Of Identity Crisis
Time Perspective
You are not able to enjoy the present, rather always have a feeling that you are trapped in it. You feel powerless, on being incapable of changing the inevitability of the future.
There is no specific image that you can stick to, whether it is related to your own self or the image that you portray to the outside world.
Role Experimentation
You have tried to play different roles in this world, but till date, there is no single role that feels right to you.
Anticipation of Achievement
Even before making efforts, you feel that you will not be successful in what you have chosen to do, be it in relation to your work or your home.
Gender Identity
Whether you are a male or a female, you are uncomfortable with your present gender as well in your dealings with the opposite gender.
Leadership Polarization
You are neither able to display the traits of a leader, nor that of a follower, whenever the situation calls for you to play a certain role.
Ideological Values
There is no specific set of basic social, philosophical, or religious values upon which you feel that you can base your outlook on life?

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