There are some tell-tale signs to indicate that you need a therapist to deal with life. Here’s how to know if you need a therapist.

How To Know If You Need A Therapist

How you wish happiness – or at the very least contentment and peace of mind – could be purchasable, rather than we striving to achieve it? Would it not be better if these were tangible commodities to be bought at the market rather than looking for it around us, or worse still, within us? Most of us who are too caught up with life would feel so, especially since we do not get enough time to spend with ourselves. Once in a while, we take time only to reflect on our lives; to relax and to unwind. But there are those who take life too seriously and end up making a mess of their lives, because they cannot let go of all negative feelings, they begin to look for escape routes in work, in alcohol abuse and other such things that do us no good. Those people slowly head for a nervous breakdown and should consult a therapist immediately. The problem is, they do not read the signs. Thus, here are some signs that will tell you when you should see a therapist.
Signs You Need A Therapist
Here are some tell-tale signs to tell you that you may need to go to a therapist:
Work Or No Work 
You may have always loved your work or profession and taken a lot of interest in what is being done at workplace every day. Just the thought of going to work was enough to get you out of bed each morning and get going. Also, you came home looking forward to another day with optimism. If you are greatly emotionally disturbed, you will begin to lose interest in work and will begin to escape from work too much and will not be able to perform as well as you always did at the workplace. Or else, you will begin to spend too much time at your workplace just to lose yourself in the work and escape from any other issue that you might be facing. If you reach home late almost every day for more than a month, when you have finished your work and dread the very fact that you will have to leave for home, you have reached a stage where you may need to go and see a therapist for consultation.
Substance Abuse 
The fact that you may be abusing substance, which you did not till now, will tell you that you may need to see a therapist. Now, substance abuse may not only have to do with alcohol, smoke or narcotics – it could even be drinking many more cups of coffee per day, eating too much or taking many more or heavier doses of over- the-counter drugs. For instance, celebrated TV show host Oprah Winfrey did not realise what was wrong with her and why she was eating many more hamburgers than she normally did, till she visited the therapist and came to know that she was getting addicted to food. Similarly, if you are consuming too much of anything, so much so that you feel helpless without it, you may be heading for a nervous breakdown and should go to the therapist as soon as you get the opportunity to.
No Pleasure 
You may have always enjoyed playing golf on weekends or any such activity that might give you pleasure and help you relax and unwind. Now, you do not feel the need to play golf anymore. You want to stay at home or, worse still go to office on weekends too – another sign that you need to see a therapist. Most people complain of not being able to take pleasure in what is done while going through the period of depression.

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