Food obsession is quite similar to any other form of obsession and addiction. Read the article below to know more on overcoming food addiction.

Overcoming Food Obsession

Addiction and obsession is divided by a very thin line. When you are addicted it means that unless you get the thing you are addicted to, it will make you physically ill. On the other hand obsession is purely psychological. If you are deprived of the object of your obsession then you will be in mental turmoil. You will find that you constantly brood on your object of obsession, and fail to concentrate your mind on any other topic. No doubt both are harmful. Of all the forms of obsession, food obsession perhaps sounds less alarming and harmful. You may think that after all how much can one eat and how strong can the craving be, as there is a limit to how much the stomach can contain. The sad truth is that those people who are obsessed with food eat to the point of getting sick, and they continue eating even after they are full. So, they face severe weight issues and various other health problems, both mental and physical. Unfortunately, the current generation is more prone to food obsession because more and more people find themselves at the lower side in a society that is progressing at a neck break speed. The good news is that food obsession is treatable, and the withdrawal symptoms are not as severe as alcohol and drug addiction. Given below are the various ways in which you can get over food obsession.
How To Overcome Food Addiction
  • Start by practicing self-awareness. Self-awareness is perhaps the best therapy to get rid of any addiction, and it is very addictive in overcoming food addiction. The first step in this is to be aware of what foods you eat and why. It is better if you can maintain a journal and note down the foods that you eat. You can also jot down the weight gained or lost. This will help you to keep track of what you are eating and also motivate you to control your craving for food.
  • Try to get over the emotional hurdle. This is perhaps the hardest task in overcoming the food addiction. If you are using food to relieve the stress and other negative emotions then you have to sit down and face the issue. Once the emotional process is addressed then overcoming the food addiction becomes easy.
  • Analyze and understand your feelings. This is very necessary because for long term success the root cause of the problem must be addressed. You should, first, recognize the reasons for your overeating and then acknowledge that there is a problem which must be rectified. Most addicts live in a comfort zone, thinking that there is no problem and they would only have to use their ‘will power’ to stop it. When you analyze and recognize your problems, you will come out of your comfort zone.
  • Obsession with the food can also result from depression. So, instead of leading a solitary life and hiding away you must start socializing step by step so that gradually you come out of the depression loop. But for this you should seek professional help as only a therapist can effectively get you out of depression.
  • Most food addicts think of foods as their only friend and a source of comfort. So, to overcome this addiction you have to change how you view your food. Instead of personifying the food you should view it scientifically, as something that the body needs for nourishment and energy. This will help you to focus on the health and fitness aspect of the food which will ultimately help you in curbing your craving.
  • See other alternatives. Instead of binging on high calorie junk it is better to eat substantial amounts of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. Though it won’t address your addiction, it will at least pose less harm to your health.
  • Start exercising so that you burn out all the extra calories that you are taking into your body. Start with simple ones like walking and jogging. Once you begin to enjoy your exercises and see the benefits it has on your body you will automatically reduce your food indulgence.

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