This section contains information on various types of dog breeds.

Whippet Dogs

Strong and healthy, the Whippet dog is one of the fastest dog breeds existing today. Explore this article to know all about Whippet dogs.

Russian Spaniel Dogs

The Russian Spaniel dog is the youngest breed among all Russian gun dogs. Read on further to know the details about the Russian Spaniel dog breed.

Bouvier des Ardennes Dog

Bouvier des Ardennes dogs are strong, alert and hard working in nature. Go through the article, to learn more about the Bouvier des Ardennes dog breed.

Non Shedding Dogs

If you are a cleanliness buff, then with a shedding dog around, you would surely be missing the spick-and-span look of your home. Read on to get information on non-shedding dog breeds.

Harrier Dogs

One of the healthiest breeds, the Harrier dog is used for hunting hares and foxes. Explore this article to know some interesting information on Harrier dogs.

English Cocker Spaniel Dog

English Spaniel Dog, one of the gun dog breed, can be a good fetcher as well as a nice pet, depending on the training provided. Read on to find out information on the dog breed.

Chinook Dogs

Chinook is one amongst the sled dog breeds found in the New England region of the United States. Go through this article, to explore information about Chinook dogs.

English Mastiff Dogs

The English Mastiff dog is considered as the largest ‘heaviest’ breed of dogs. Explore this article to know more about English Mastiff dogs.

Braque du Bourbonnais Dogs

The Braque du Bourbonnais dogs are regarded as one of the most ancient breeds of pointing dogs from France. Read on further to know about the Braque du Bourbonnais dog breed.

German Spaniel Dogs

German Spaniel is one of the strongest breed of dogs. This article will provide you with detailed information on the German Spaniel dogs. Read on to know more about the breed.

East-European Shepherd Dogs

East European Shepherd dog breed was created by mixing German Shepherd with other local Russian breeds. Read on further to know more about East-European Shepherd dogs.

Curly Coated Retriever Dogs

Curly Coated Retriever is an English breed of retriever dogs that was originally bred for upland bird and waterfowl hunting. Read the article to know more about this dog breed.

Cane Corso Dogs

Cane Corso dogs, also known as the Italian mastiffs, make wonderful companions and guard dogs. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Croatian Sheepdogs

The Croatian Sheepdog possesses a strong natural instinct to herd cattle and sheep. Explore this article to know more about the Croatian Sheepdogs breed.

Brittany Dogs

The Brittany is an athletic, sturdy and medium-sized breed of hunting dogs. Read on to get more information on Brittany dogs.

Broholmer Dogs

A strong, watchful and usually calm-tempered breed, Broholmer dogs are everyone’s favorite. Read the article to get more information on the Broholmer dog breed.

Briquet Griffon Vendeen Dogs

Though it is a very rare breed, the Briquet Griffon Vendéen makes a good pet and companion dog. Explore this article to know more about Briquet Griffon Vendéen dogs.

Dogo Guatemalteco

Dogo Guatemalteco is a great fighting dog that is a big favorite in Guatemala. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Chinese Imperial Dogs

Chinese imperial dogs are quite popular as pets, since they make a friendly companion to humans. Explore this article to know more about Chinese imperial dog breed.

Clumber Spaniel Dogs

Clumber spaniel is a mild mannered dog that was once the pride of nobility. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

Dogue de Bordeaux Dogs

Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the most ancient French dog breeds, boasting of a harmonious temperament. Read the article to know about Dogue de Bordeaux dogs.

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs

Central Asian Shepherd Dog is a working breed and is used widely as a personal guardian. Read on to know more about Central Asian shepherd dogs.

Cesky Fousek Dogs

Cesky Fousek dogs represent a middle-sized hunting breed, which belongs to Czechoslovakia. Read this article to find more information about this dog breed.

English Coonhound Dogs

Known for its speed and endurance, the English Coonhound is used for treeing animals, especially raccoons. Read the article to know more about Redtick Coonhound dog breed.

East Siberian Laika Dogs

East Siberian Laika breed is known for its strong hunting instinct and a good sense of direction. Explore this article to know more about East Siberian Laika dogs.

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