This sections deals with articles containing painting instructions for different types of surfaces. By going through this section you will be able to do household painting work yourself.
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How To Paint Plastic

Painting plastic is really all about having fun, but not necessarily in the sun. Browse through this article for instructions on how to paint plastic.

How to Touch Up Car Paint

Does your car have some minor scratches and requires a touch up? If yes, then here are some tips on how to touch up car paint. Navigate through the confines of this piece to know more.

Painting Bathroom Tiles

Did you know that the color of your bathroom tiles plays an outlandish role in influencing your mood every morning? Go through this article and explore how to paint your bathroom tiles.

How To Spray Paint

Do you want a learn how to spray paint. If yes, here are a few tips that will teach you how. Explore this piece to learn more.

Furniture Painting Techniques

Want to change the way your furniture looks? If yes, here are a few furniture painting techniques for you to consider.

How To Paint A Fence

While painting your house new, don’t forget the old fence guarding your habitat. After all, it too deserves a revamp. Explore with this article some tips on how to paint a fence.

How To Paint A Bike

Painting is the best way to give your bike a complete makeover, without hurting your pocket. Read below to know more on how to paint a bike.

Sponge Painting Ideas

Looking to add the ‘wow’ factor to your pad? Check out the following ideas on sponge painting to add oomph appeal to your den. Read on to know more on sponge painting ideas.

Room Painting Ideas

Are you planning to paint your room to make it livelier? If yes, examine this write up to learn how to paint a room as it should be.

Easy Faux Painting Techniques

Faux painting walls is a popular way of making your room stand out by creating a feeling of depth and space. Glance through the article to find some easy methods and techniques for faux painting.

How To Repaint Wood Trim

Repainting wood trim is the best way to give your doors and windows a new look. Read the article on how to repaint wood trim.

How To Paint Formica Countertops

If you want to give a new look to your old and worn out Formica, then painting is the best option. Check out for the steps.

How To Paint Fiberglass

Painting fiberglass is a great way to revamp the old, dull and sunken look. In case you are wondering how to paint a fiberglass, the tips given in this article would be of help.

How To Paint Wallpaper Borders

Painting wallpaper borders can add color, design and flair to your simple and bare room. Explore this article to find ideas on how to paint a wallpaper border.

How To Paint A Table Top

Give your old table a completely different look and new life by painting the table top. Go through this article, to find the tips on how to paint a tabletop and revive the old and wearied-out look.

How To Paint A Fresco

Fresco painting is one of the painting types, which is done on ceilings and walls. In case, you want to give a new, fresher look to your walls, read on for tips on how to paint a fresco.

How To Paint Furniture

If you are considering painting furniture on your own, but do not know how to do it, we are there to help you out. Check out the technique given here and know how to paint furniture.

Kitchen Painting Ideas

Kitchen should be painted in energizing and stimulating colors so that you are encouraged to cook. Explore the article for some great tips and ideas for painting your kitchen.

How To Paint The Exterior Of A House

Are you ready to paint the exteriors of your house? If yes, then read the useful painting tips given here and learn how to paint the exterior of a house.

How To Paint A Steel Door

Painting steel doors can help give them a new look altogether. With this article, find instructions on how to paint a steel door.

How To Paint Wood Paneling

Painting wood paneling is a very simple project, which can brighten up your walls in the best way! Go through the article to know how to paint wood paneling.

How To Paint Exterior Windows

Painting exterior windows is not very difficult, provided you have the right tips with you. Read on to explore how to paint exterior windows.

Painting Ceramic Tile

Painting is perhaps the best way to improve the appearance of ceramic tiles that have lost their original, new look. Explore the article and learn how to paint ceramic tiles.

How To Paint Kitchen Counter Tops

Painting kitchen countertops on your own is not as difficult as it seems. Go through this article and learn how to paint kitchen counter tops easily.

How To Sponge Paint

Do you want to learn how to sponge paint walls of your house? Browse through this article and get instructions for painting with sea sponge.

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