Want to change the way your furniture looks? If yes, here are a few furniture painting techniques for you to consider.

Furniture Painting Techniques

The furniture in your house plays an important role in defining the beauty of your house. It might so happen that you find your furniture to be boring or not complementing the walls and the general ambience of your house. In such cases, instead of shelling out extra bucks from your pocket to buy new pieces of furniture, you can make a clever choice of few shades of paint to paint your existing furniture in order to give it a new look. Painting a piece of furniture is a simple task and can be carried out without any help or assistance. You can use your creativity and make use of different shades of colours and various techniques to paint furniture that will in turn make your furniture look spanking new. However, take into consideration the colour of the walls etc before you start painting your furniture. Mentioned below are a few furniture painting techniques that you might want to consider. Read on to learn more about them.

Techniques For Painting Furniture
  • Using a brush and a roller is the most common of ways to paint furniture. The brush or a roller should be used to give a light touch to the furniture in order to ensure proper painting. Clean the surface of the piece of furniture by rubbing it with sandpaper and then use the brush to paint and cover all the areas and corners well. Make sure to apply only a small amount of paint at a time. While using a brush to paint, you will have to take care to ensure that the paint does not accumulate in particular areas. If you come across paint accumulating, gently dab it away with the tip of a dry brush.
  • Giving your furniture an antique look is another method that can be used to make your furniture look interesting. Here, you will have to use multiple layers of paint in order to obtain the desired results. You can make use of three different colours to create this effect. Apply the first coat and let it dry completely, then apply the second coat with a different colour. Once the second coat of paint dries, use the sandpaper to remove some paint of the piece of furniture to reveal the paint within. Now paint only the edges of the piece of furniture with the third coat of paint. Doing so will make your furniture acquire an old-fashioned look. It is, however, very important to select the right kind of colours in order to obtain the desired results.
  • Another technique that can be employed to paint furniture is the ‘bold look’. The bold colour technique is a simple painting technique. You have to just decide the base colour on which you will have to paint the main coat of paint. Once the base paint is decided, you will have to pick three different shades of the same colour. Use these different shades to paint different parts of the piece of furniture. Try and use dark shades on the outer or the corner areas of the piece of furniture, and the lighter shades on the main and visible areas.
  • A worn out, shabby and distressed look is yet another painting technique. Apply an oil based paint as a base coat first. This base coat should be light in colour like off white, pale yellow or pink. Once the base paint dries, use glaze paint to coat the piece of furniture. Once the piece of furniture is completely covered by the glaze paint, take a soft piece of damp cloth and rub it over the glaze. You can add another coat of glaze if the first coat it is not entirely visible.

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