Pruning is important for the growth and health of the plants. Check out tips & techniques on proper pruning.
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Knockout Roses Pruning

Pruning the knockout roses is the same as pruning any other of the roses. However, it is advisable to go through this article on knockout roses pruning and do it right.

Pruning Apricot Trees

Pruning the apricot trees is the best way to ensure that you get a healthy harvest. Read below to learn more on pruning apricot trees.

Japanese Maple Pruning Instructions

Japanese maples look beautiful in all seasons, but require pruning in the late fall season, to restore their natural form. Read the article to know the instructions on how to prune a Japanese maple.

How To Prune Crepe Myrtle Trees

Pruning crepe myrtle is an essential step to maintain the attractive form, delicate leaf texture and amazing flower display of the tree. Read on to learn how to prune crepe myrtle trees.

Pruning Rhododendron Plant

Pruning a rhododendron enhances the appearance of the plant, making it look attractive and beautiful. With this article, know all about how to prune a rhododendron.

Pruning Blueberry Plants

Regular pruning of blueberry plants is very necessary to ensure their proper growth. With this article, you will get to know how to prune a blueberry plant.

How To Prune Bonsai Tree

If you are planning of pruning your bonsai trees, then it is necessary to be aware of the right time for the same. With this article, you will know all about how to prune a bonsai tree.

How To Prune A Mango Tree

While pruning mango trees, make sure that you have chosen the correct branches. With the tips given in the article, you will learn how to prune a mango tree.

How To Prune Mature Apple Trees

Pruning apple trees is a very important process, once the trees grow old. Go through the article to know how to prune mature apple trees and also get some useful tips to apply the technique.

How To Prune Tomato Plants

Pruning of a tomato plant should be done carefully, so that the harvest is not adversely affected. Go through the article, to know how to prune tomato plants.

When To Prune Fruit Trees

The best time for pruning fruit trees depends on their age. Check out complete details on when to prune fruit trees.

Pruning Christmas Cactus

Christmas cactus pruning is not essential, as the plant resorts to self pruning. In case your Christmas cactus has grown unmanageable and you want to know how to prune it, use the tips given here.

How To Prune Fruit Trees

For those who are looking out for some tips for pruning/trimming fruit bearing trees, this article is just perfect. Browse through it and know how to prune fruit trees.

Pruning Houseplants

Pruning houseplants is not too difficult, especially if you know the correct procedure. Read on to know how to maintain house plants.

Pruning Roses

Pruning roses can be very tricky at times. Go through these quick tips to know how and when to prune your rose bushes.

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