Pruning the apricot trees is the best way to ensure that you get a healthy harvest. Read below to learn more on pruning apricot trees.

Pruning Apricot Trees

It is of common knowledge that left to itself a tree will grow without requiring any care or maintenance. However, such is not always the case because unlike in the wild, for trees to grow healthy and strong—especially the fruit bearing ones—proper care is required. Unless this is done, the trees in most cases would increasingly become prey to the elements. In the case of apricot trees, you should take good care of them as the size and quality of the apricots depends on how well you take care of the trees. To ensure the health of the apricot trees you should prune them with the correct technique so that you are able to get a great harvest. Read below to learn more on how you can prune your apricot trees.
How To Prune Apricot Trees 
  • Start the pruning of the branches early in the spring before the buds have swollen or opened.
  • Newly planted apricot trees should be cut back 30 inches and the shoots on the sides should be trimmed to one bud. If you feel that the sun is particularly harsh then you can apply a coat of white latex on the plant to protect it from the sun.
  • For one year old apricot saplings remove all the twigs that are broken till the trunk, using pruner blades and make a crisp cut with a single motion of the blade. Cut the twigs 1/4th inch above the bud and 1/5th inch above any connecting branches.
  • Locate the ‘leader stem’ of the tree. This is the part that is the natural extension of the trunk that forms the middle skeletal spine of the tree. Sometimes you may find that there are more than two such upright central stems. Prune these stems so that only the main upright stem remains. Cut the stem 1/4th inch above the junction of the unwanted branches and the main trunk.
  • Now, trim the branches that are attached to the main branch and are at an angle less than 45 degrees. Also, prune all the branches that have narrow crotches at least 1/5th inch above the junction with the main trunk.
  • Cut each branch at least 1/4th inch from the bud to make the tree look thin and slim. Leave about four to five branches in the main stem. While cutting ensure that the bark is not scratched.
  • After the pruning, leave the sapling to grow during the first growing season and then repeat the pruning the next year.
  • When you start pruning the apricot tree the next year, start by first pruning the twigs that are growing straight along the main branch. Remove all the twigs that are growing inwards and also all those that are growing downwards.
  • When you are pruning the tree in the second year you should just leave the main branch with a few twigs attached.
  • After the maturation of the tree prune it of all the damaged and diseased branches. Every third year the tip of the matured tree must be pruned. The cuts should be made 1/5th inch above the unopened bud on the branch. This will increase the fruit bearing and flowering potential of the tree and also help in its growth.

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