Have you just shifted to a new apartment and wondering how to begin with the interior design? Read on to get a bunch of ideas to make the apartment your home.

Interior Design For Apartments

Decorating your apartment speaks a lot about your personal taste. No matter whether you are fresh out of college and wish to set up a studio apartment or an adult who simply wants a change in his surroundings, how creatively you design the interiors of your apartment is a challenge for sure. An essential point that one should keep in mind, while designing an apartment is that apart from being comfortable, the design should be such that it maximizes the space and exuberates homely feeling. So, get hold of a bunch of home décor magazines to get a basic idea of what interior designing is all about. This article provides you with few points you should keep in mind before heading on with your experiment.
Interior Design Ideas For Apartments
  • Before you begin decorating your home, make a list of things you have always wanted to decorate your rooms with. Now go on to do a bit of research to find out if those things are still in line with the current style of home décor. A proper planning done at the start helps a lot. Make a budget for your project and stick to the cohesive, well thought-out design plan that you have chalked out.
  • While designing the interiors of an apartment, your prime objective should be to create an illusion of space. Several apartments face the challenge to make a large room functional as the kitchen, eating area, living space as well as the bedroom. So, while selecting furniture for your apartment, invest in small scale, multifunctional furniture sets. Look for coffee tables or ottoman with storage capacity or side tables with boxes that can store magazines and books. If you plan to buy a dining table, go for one with foldable sides, so that when not in use, it can free up a lot of valuable space. Again, increase your storage options by adding shelves and extra rods into a closet. Even free-standing shelf units or shelves on walls provide for ample storage options.
  • While placing your furniture, make sure you maintain the comfort level and avoid a cluttered appearance. See to it that there is enough space to walk between two doors. Last of all you want is to hit your foot with a furniture piece early in the morning while getting out of bed. Your living area should be friendly and appealing and should make a decent conversation hub. 
  • Another major challenge that one faces while decorating an apartment besides space is the color element. Most apartments you come across would be white in color. You are blessed if you possess your own home or a cooperative landlord who would allow you to paint the walls. But if the lease is not granted, there are other ways to work things out. You can hang artwork to enliven your walls. Fabrics can be tacked near the ceiling, mirrors can be placed in the hallway or bright colored curtains can be hung to add personality and element to your otherwise boring apartment walls. There are vinyl wall decals available in the market these days. Try using them on your walls since they are easy to apply and peel off without posing any damage to the wall.
  • Few other home accessories that can add life to your apartment are lamps, draperies, pillows and table linens. Hunt for ethnic looking lamps and go for pillows of various sizes and shapes. Rugs of various patterns can also add to the style element of your apartment. Look for rugs which co-ordinate with the furniture and other accessories. Different rugs can be used to delineate the spaces in your apartment. While you can arrange the living room furnishings around one rug, the dining or office area can be arranged around another.
  • Another way to make your apartment feel like home is by hanging your personalized art on the walls. You can try making a picture collage out of different shades of leaves once you dry them out. Nothing works better than you and your family’s framed photographs. Another idea that you can incorporate while decorating your apartment walls is by buying a book or calendar of the photographer of your choice and getting the photographs framed. Displaying things that define you is also important while decorating your apartment. Stacking an open sided shelf with books of your choice or displaying your music collection helps create your own space.
  • Adding the green element to your apartment can transform its entire look and make it calm and soothing. So, remember to keep few potted plants and stock the vases with fresh or artificial flowers. You can also hang the pots in jute holders. Palms, frilly ferns, cactus or plants with long slender shape make beautiful additions to the interior décor. However, balance is extremely important while placing plants in any room. The height and fullness should be in variance with the available space and height of other elements present in the room like windows, armoires and doors.  

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