Asian-style interior design enlivens the whole ambience of a house, but in a simple and uncomplicated manner. With this article, explore tips for Asian-style interior decoration.

Asian Style Interior Design

Are you planning to change the décor of your home? If yes, then the best bet would be to indulge in Asian style décor. Asian-styled interiors are extremely fashionable, chic and stylish. Also known as Oriental décor, the style covers the interiors done in countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam. In these countries, the adornments of a home lend a touch of exotic excellence, coupled with richness and opulence, to the whole place. They are simple, but at the same time, classy and functional. They bring liveliness and vibrancy to the whole area, making the place a cocoon of relaxation and coziness. Read through the following lines, to get tips for an Asian style interior design.
Asian Style Interior Decoration Tips
Colors play an important role, when we talk about decorating a room in Asian style. They add drama and character to the place, making it look lively and ethnic. While red and black are the most prominent colors for a Chinese style interior, for Japanese style décor, natural tones of brown, grey and tan are most popular. Gold, blue, yellow and green also make good picks. You can either paint your walls in either of the colors or use wallpaper that has an oriental feel to it.
The ideal texture for an Asian décor mostly revolves around natural wood and shiny materials. Mostly all the features of an Asian houses revolve around bamboo, whether it is in the terms of furniture, photo frames, window shades or containers. A Japanese styled décor would also include lots of luminous paper surfaces and natural rocks.
Nature's Green
Plants and leaves add life to a space, rekindling the sense of existence. They not only add visual glory, but also cater to the artistic sense of a person. While in a Chinese style home, you are likely to come across bamboo plants in small and large pots, adorned with red and gold tassels; bonsai will be found in Japanese-style homes.
Multi-Purpose Furniture
Since Asian homes are usually small in size, the use of multi-utility furniture is high. This brings across an opportunity to style the house in minimal space, with maximum comfort. For instance, instead of accommodating a sofa set and a bed, futon is preferred in Japanese homes. During the day, it can be used for sitting purpose, while for the night, it transforms into a bed. A wooden trunk with many drawers is another example of multi-functioning furniture. It not only provides out-of-sight storage, but is also used as a table top.
Oriental Rugs
Flooring is another important consideration to make, while decorating the room in Asian style. Whether it is rugs, carpets or mats, floor covering is an essential part of styling a home as per the Asian décor. They add liveliness to the room. While you would find a tatami matin aJapanese house, a beautiful floral wool rug will be seen adorning a Chinese-styled home.
Styling the windows basically depends on the décor of the room at large. If your room has been elaborately styled, the windows would be simple and basic. However, if the room is simple, with a neutral color palette, the windows can be richly adorned. In case you are going for a Japanese look, get simple woven curtains or bamboo/wooden blinds for your house. For a Chinese décor, tassels and textured window curtains would serve as the best bet.
Lastly, having water decoration in an Asian-style home is like putting a cherry on the cake. Remember, Asian interior can never be complete without the tinkling sound of water. Install a show piece which has water falling through it or even one that has standing water. Having an aquarium filled with beautiful fishes is also a great way to enhance the look of your interiors.

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