The Scandinavian interiors exude simplicity and elegance of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish homes. Explore the article and get some ideas on Scandinavian style interior design.

Scandinavian Interiors

The Scandinavian style interior is very popular among the home owners in many countries, especially the westerners. The centuries-old style has traveled across the globe and features in the interiors of many homes. Scandinavian décor is a blend of style and simplicity. The casual aged appearance is brought about by a combination of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish design, which sets it apart from other styles. If you want to decorate your home according to the very elegant Scandinavian style, go through the article and get ideas for the same.
Scandinavian Style Interior Design
Light shades of blues and beige, white and natural light wood tones are the typical Scandinavian colors. You may either go for a single solid color or combine two shades of the same color. Apart from the neutral colors, you may also include tinge of bright red in the interiors. This color contrast works great for the living room walls, if you want to bring a difference to the décor. To promote a harmonious feel throughout the house, follow a uniform color scheme.
Choose light and airy fabrics for the interiors. Natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, are the best bet for a room stylized the Scandinavian way. The pattern chosen for the fabrics should be kept simple. Stripes and checks are the most opted patterns, as far as the Scandinavian décor is concerned. Floral pattern will add to the elegance to the curtains, throw pillows and bed spreads.
For Scandinavian interiors, the most appropriate pieces of furniture are the ones designed with a blend of straight sleek lines and curves. The legs of the bench-like sofa, an important inclusion in the Scandinavian style interior design, should be thin and tapered. The seats of the chairs should be upholstered or cushioned. Blonde woods, such as ash, beech and white pine, are the popular choices for Scandinavian interiors. You may also paint the furniture in pale yellow or white.
Windows, Ceilings, Flooring & Lighting
Leaded glass windows will allow the air and natural light to pass through and illuminate the rooms. For better ventilation, put up lace curtains on the windows. The ceilings should be high. A typical Scandinavian décor includes hardwood flooring. You may throw oversized rugs on the floors. If you want to set your interiors apart from others, go for the unusual choices of wood, such as Maple or Iroko, for the flooring. The most appropriate lighting fixtures for your Scandinavian interiors will be iron chandeliers, sconces and table lamps.

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