Discover useful tips and hints on how to get your own cottage decorating ideas. Read the article below for a beautiful cottage decorating style.

Cottage Inspired Interior Design

The sight that comes to your mind when you think of cottage is a lovely rustic scene, the clean street, white walls, bright windows, neatly thatched straw and a cottage on that lush green plains. The raised latch, the humble wooden door, an oak stool placed on the tidy sand floor reminds you of the simplicity and warmth of countryside people. They always welcome you with open hearts. Cottage style decoration is a very popular and ideal look that helps to create a cozy and comfy place, away from the stresses and harshness of modern life. Do you want to take a trip to the countryside every day? Then cottage inspired interior design is for you. It complements the old world rustic charm with comforts of modern life. The décor looks elegant when paired with fabrics that mark attractive earthy colors in a range of traditional patterns. Cottage inspired interior design is multi colored in bright hues, worn finishes, painted furnishings and rustic essentials like baskets , urns , pots, natural rug fibers and many such versatile things. Scroll down the lines for some tips on cottage interior designs.
Cottage Style Decorating
  • Cottage inspired interior design gives a serene, airy and a laidback style to your interior space. They often bring the memories of getaways at the seashores, islands, or bungalows in the forest.
  • The materials that are used in this type of décor are bulky beamed ceilings and walls, rough textured walls, carved wooden windows and doors, colorful tiles and ceramics, and natural stone floors covered with wooden or cotton rugs in earthen colors.
  • The open areas have lush natural flowers and plants everywhere. The intention is to bring the brilliant colors and textures of nature into home. Baskets, copper pots, urns, and pitcher pots adorn the interiors of the cottage. Wild flowers that grow naturally are popular. Window boxes placed outside filled with geranium and lavender flowers are especially popular. 
  • The windows of a cottage are generally very small but very distinct and attractive. You can décor your windows with appealing full and frilly curtains. You can choose floating curtains and nets in light colors and for winter, you can choose velvet, and brocade curtains. For excellent ideas on patterns and styles, you can choose floral prints, checks, stripes, tartans and many such old-fashioned styles and prints.
  • For flooring you can use wooden flashboards, with a worn out or distressed look. You can use light pastel shades or white color on your floorboard. Use braided rugs that are small and traditional in size and give it a cottage style décor.
  • You can choose solid antique furniture of good quality for your cottage style décor. You can select furniture in natural pine or oak, painting different styles in one color. The whites and cream colors are ideal for this type of décor. Look out for benches, tables, rocking chairs, dressers, chest boards and sideboards. These things are found in flea markets, antique sales, or family heirlooms.
  • You can choose a lot of woven accessories like the baskets filled with pinecones, logs or flowers, porcelain figurines and dolls, tapestries, embroideries and old style samplers. Handmade crafts, pots, figurines can add that rustic touch to your décor. Old dark colorful paintings can adorn your walls and add that cottage style décor to your rooms.

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