Cottage style decor looks very simple, but is very attractive. Explore the article to get some nice ideas for cottage style decorating.

Cottage Style Decor Ideas

Cottage style décor can give a warm and inviting feeling to any house or room. This style of decoration looks very simple, but very elegant. The use of natural materials, soothing colors and light furniture, together make up this décor. It is one of the most popular options for people looking for vacation-like atmosphere at their homes. Creating the perfect cottage style décor for your home is very easy and can be economical as well. Go through this article to get some ideas for cottage style decorating.
Cottage Style Home Decoration
The furniture for cottage style décor should be light. Hence, it is advisable to avoid heavy furniture. The older the furniture, the more suitable it will be, for this type of décor. So, if your furniture looks too “new”, rough up the corners with sandpaper to make them look older. Tables, chests and bookcases are the main pieces of furniture in a cottage decor. You may also buy recycled furniture for this particular theme.
Informality and a bit of imperfection in the flooring are required for cottage style decor. Hardwood floors fit this theme perfectly. Painted wood floors also work well. If you don’t have wooden floors, then covering the floor with vintage braided rugs, handloom woolen rugs and wall-to-wall carpets will give you the desired cottage look.
White, cream and light blue are the colors suitable for cottage style décor. Light pink and yellow also work well. You can paint the walls with a single solid color or make use of the combination of two different shades of the same color. If you want to apply wallpaper, go for floral patterns in soft colors.
Inexpensive lamps and fixtures will serve the purpose of lighting rooms based on cottage-style decor. Jugs and vases purchased from vintage stores can be turned into one-of-their-kind lamps for your cottage. Overall, the lighting should be soft and soothing i.e. pleasing to the eyes.
You can mix-match fabrics for your cottage décor. Coordinate the slipcovers, upholstery, draperies, pillows, table skirts and curtains by choosing them in the same fabric. The most apt patterns for this theme are florals, checks, plaids and bold stripes. Cover your furniture with slipcovers. Colors used for fabrics should include light blues, pinks and greens. White also tends to be prominent among the colors for cottage style decor.
Window Treatments
Windows should be treated lightly, so that they are well-ventilated. Avoid blinds and heavy draperies, so that maximum light can pass through them. You can adorn the windows with lace curtains. Pale prints and floral patterns will also work well for curtains. For the living room windows, go for striped curtains. Painted shutters will be the best for the kitchen.

Accessorize your home with old hats, wicker baskets and fresh flowers. Dress-up the walls with needle-point wall hangings and vintage picture frames. Decorative pieces that incorporate shells also look good for this theme. Purchase mirrors and collectibles from antique stores to beautify your home, which is decorated in the cottage style.

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