Cottage style decorating is all about displaying your creativity with the already available items. Check out some ideas for cottage style home décor / decoration.

Cottage Style Decorating

If revamping your house is playing on your mind, then cottage style décor is the trendiest way to do it. Cottage decorating is basically a blend of soft colors, comfy fabrics, furniture and accessories, which have a soothing effect on the eyes and also hold a vintage appeal. The best part about cottage style decoration is that it can be applied to any house, not necessarily a cottage. Secondly, what it really requires is a bit of creativity, to juggle with the existing things and give them a completely new look. This implies that you do not need to put in much money and effort to give your home a cottage style décor.  For your help and ease, given below are some valuable ideas on cottage style decorating.
Cottage Style Decoration Ideas 
  • The furniture for such a décor is light and breezy. Avoid heavy stuff; rather wicker furniture is just perfect.
  • If you want to stick to upholstered furniture, go for chintz, toile, floral, or plain fabric.
  • You can even go for slip covers for your older furniture and give it a completely new look.
  • For decorating, opt for vintage style items. For instance, a bench can serve as a good coffee table. Remember, the key is to make things look old and worn out.
  • The floors are quite informal and uneven in a cottage style décor. Simple wooden flooring is ideal, while new flooring can be given an old look by painting it. Raw wooden planks can also be used for the purpose. You can also use vintage braided rugs to cover the floor.
  • For windows, cover them up with lacy drapes rather than heavy ones.
  • The fabric to be chosen for cottage style is usually mixed. You can utilize a variety of prints like florals, stripes, checks and plaids or a blended look.
  • Colors and patterns also work well to create cottage style look. For English cottage, go for pinks and greens, in floral prints. For a rustic look, take forest colors such as greens, rust, and golden tones.
  • For accessories, you can choose items like charming plates, old hats, musical instruments, interesting frames and heirloom samplers.
  • The lighting of the surrounding can give the décor some finishing touch. Instead of regular lamp shades, go for unusual objects to provide that antique look, like an old jug.

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