Check out some easy ways to get rid of static cling.

How To Get Rid Of Static

Winters are the most enjoyable season for almost everyone. People love to bask in the warm sun, drink hot coffee and smell the warm winter air. But one thing that can really give you a jerk, literally, is static electricity. Since the winter air is dry, it tends to produce static electricity which can really shock you at the most unexpected times! Be it shaking hands with a friend, opening your office cabin door or wearing your clothes; static electricity is present almost everywhere. Sometimes, it becomes really annoying as clothes tend to cling to your legs due to static. But there is no need to worry as there are many ways to reduce and even get rid of static electricity. Here are ideas on how to get rid of static from home. 
  • Make sure the air at your home is humidified. Winter air is drier and thus encourages static electricity. Place humidifiers all around the house and make sure the air is moist. This will help reduce static to a great extent.
  • In case you develop too much static on your body, it would be a good idea to apply moisturizer all over. Applying some sort of a cream or a lotion right after you take a shower will keep the body supple and moist, thus reducing static.
  • Get anti-static rugs, mats and sheets for your home. Spray your carpets with anti-static chemical that is available in the market. This way, static electricity can be greatly reduced at home.
  • In case clothes tend to stick to your thighs or legs in winters, try applying moisturizer or body oil on your legs. Also, if you spray some hair spray before putting on the clothes, it is said to reduce electricity.
  • How to refrain from getting a shock when touching something metallic like a doorknob? Put your key inside it before opening up the door to avoid any kind of a shock. Metal on metal will reduce the shock and leave you untouched.
  • Take a dryer sheet and rub off door knobs, TV screen, computer, winter coats, etc. with it. They are supposed to be very effective eliminators of static electricity and a few rubs with it will get rid of static and leave you calm and composed!

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