Beehives near your house are no less than terror and you must find ways to get rid of bees. Check out how to get rid of beehives.

How To Get Rid Of Beehives

Beehives are a good sight, but only when you standing in a garden or an open space far away from homes. As soon as a beehive starts forming near your house, it becomes a matter of concern, because one small mistake and you are sure to face some serious consequences. Beehives are a terror if they are near your house, especially when you have small children playing outside. While there are ways by which you can get rid of bee hive, it is recommended that experts do the job much better than amateurs. In case that are not an option for you, read on to find how to get rid of beehive.
Best Way To Get Rid Of Beehive
Materials Required 
  • Bee Keeper's Veil
  • Leather Gloves
  • Large Sack
  • Bee Smoker
  • Insecticide and Applicator
  • Ladder, if necessary 
  • The first step is to gather your confidence and equip yourself with everything that you may require in the process.
  • The best time to accomplish your task is late evening. It is the time when most of the bees come back to the hive, after a day of work. Putting insecticides at this time would mean that you would be able to kill most of the bees at the same time.
  • Make sure that no part of your body is exposed. Wear clothes that fully cover your body.
  • Make use of bee smokers to make the bees calmer and lazy. By making them feel a bit sluggish, you reduce your chances of being stung.
  • Pour in the insecticide from the opening of the hive. Pour down enough to fill in the sides of the hives.
  • Be careful when you remove the hive and keep it in a large garbage bag. Remove only when you are sure that the bees inside have died and then dispose off the bag.
  • If the work seems to be too risky, call a professional and let him carry out the work. 
After Removal Steps 
  • You might need to cut certain parts of the walls or structure to gain access into the hive area. So, once the hive has been removed, prepare to have repairs.
  • Just when you have removed the last traces of the bee hive, make sure that the place does not allow any further infestation.
  • Make sure to remove hive and honey. Remember, honey and dead bees may attract other bees, wax moths or ants.
  • Be garbed with shoes, socks, long sleeves and other appropriate clothing, when going near a hive
  • Remember, in case the beehive is pretty big in size, the best time to get rid of it would be in late winters or early spring. This is when the population of bees is the smallest in number.
  • When you are destroying a beehive, make sure that children and other individuals are safe inside the home, with all the doors locked.
  • Do not attempt to move a large hive and only disturb hives when small enough to eliminate with household chemicals
  • Never attempt to do the task, if you are allergic to bee stings. Remember, they are just not worth the pain. Just call in a professional to settle the problem.

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