Dogs are man’s favorite pets, but require great care and concern. Even a small thing like dog nails also requires proper clipping and cutting. Read on to know how to clip dog nails.

How To Clip Dog Nails

Just like humans, dogs require great care and concern. From proper food to play or even small things like bathing or even cutting nails, they need you to take care of it all. The length of your dog’s nail should be such that it should touch the ground without making a clicking sound. If the nail starts making a clicking sound when the dog walks on the floor or even worse - gets ripped in the carpet, it means that you are required to trim them down. You have to use clippers to cut the nails of your dog. Read on to get tips on clipping/cutting dog nails.
How to Clip Dog Nails
Materials Required:
  • Nail Clippers for Dogs
  • Nail Filer for Dogs
  • Cornstarch
  • Dog Treats
  • Dog Toys
  • Styptic Powder
  • Dog clippers are available in many varieties i.e. for small dogs and large dogs. Choose them according to your dog size and be careful to choose a sharp one. If you do not know much about dog clippers, do not shy away from asking your veterinarian about what to choose and how to use it.
  • Start trimming from the tip of the nail. Cut a little at a time, so that you avoid hurting your pet. When you start noticing pale pink tissues, stop cutting the nails any further.
  • Use a nail filer to blunt the sharp edges.
Some Tips
  • Praise you dog every time he allows you to cut a nail without creating any fuss.
  • While clipping the nails of your dog, give him something to eat or something to play with. Divert his attention with his favorite snack.
  • By chance if the tip of the nail begins to bleed, apply pressure using styptic powder or a substitute, such as baby powder.
  • Do not wipe the blood clot off the tip of the nail once the bleeding has stopped.
  • Trim your dog’s nails once or twice a month to avoid problems. Try to do it on your own, rather than going to a veterinarian. It would not only save you money, but would also serve as an act of love for your dog.

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