Dogs are wonderful animals and require a lot of affection. One way of showing your love to your dog is by giving him a haircut. Read on to know how to give your dog a haircut.

How To Give A Dog A Haircut

Dogs are wonderful pets and form great companions of human beings. Just as humans require utmost love and care, even dogs need love and affection from their masters. One of the prime ways to care for your dog is to give him a haircut. Dogs have a lot of hair on their skin. While some have very long hairs, others have short hairs. However, all of them require a haircut. It keeps the dogs cool, during the summer season, and clean, during monsoons. Giving your dog a haircut is an art. The more you do it, the better you become. Look out for some tips to give your dog a haircut.
How to Give a Dog a Haircut
Items Needed 
  • Dog Shampoo
  • Towel
  • Comb
  • Clippers
  • Doggie Snacks
  • The first task would be to wash your dog with a dog shampoo and towel-dry him. Thereafter, position him comfortably on a table.
  • Comb his hair and remove the tangles which mighthave formed. You must comb gently, so that it doesn’t hurt him.
  • Take the clippers and use them in the direction in which the hair is growing. Let the clippers move briskly, to ensure that you have an even cut right through the body.
  • Start with the head, by trimming the sides and hairs on the nose.
  • Trim the ears by holding them in your hand and moving the clippers in slow motion.
  • Proceed to the dog’s back and his full body. Start from the point where the head ends.
  • Slide the clippers slowly to the backbone and move them down to the sides of his body and up to his tail. Do not forget to trim the underside.
  • When the body is done, work yourself towards his paws. Gently pull each of the paws. Start from the top and go till its end.
  • Make sure that during the whole process of trimming or giving your dog a haircut, you have enough doggie snacks and things which he can play with. This will keep him busy and he will get his hair cut easily.

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