Though it is difficult to remove cigarette smell from a room, certain methods can make the process easy. Read on to explore various ways on how to eliminate cigarette odor.

How To Eliminate Cigarette Odor

Some bad habits are harmful not only for the people who adopt them, who also for the others around them. The best example of such a habit would be cigarette smoking. Passive smoking has been known to kill millions around the world. Apart from that, many people have to live with the acrid smell of cigarette and certainly, it’s one of the most odious smells in the world of malodor. Having to bear cigarette smell in pubic places is not something we can alter much. However, when it comes to our own comfort zone i.e. our house, we need to do something to get rid of the smell. If you cannot resist smoking in the house or cannot stop people from smoking inside, you can at least adopt ways to keep the smell out of the house. The lingering smoke of cigarette, though difficult to remove, is not completely incurable. Go through the methods given below and know how to eliminate cigarette odor.
Ways To Remove Cigarette Smell
Method 1
After a whole-night party, if your home smells like a discotheque, the odor can give you more headache than the one by four tequila shots. Use vinegar to remove the cigarette smell from your house. Pour some vinegar in 3-4 bowls and keep them in the party room. Close the room and leave it so overnight. You can even soak a piece of cotton cloth in vinegar and wave it around the room to ward off the smell.
Method 2
If any of your family members smoke, ask them to smoke outside the room. If they aren’t willing to move, give them smokeless ashtray which will at least keep the smell out of the room. Pull aside the drapes and curtains and allow fresh air into the rooms, letting it get rid of the acrid smell. Proper ventilation does not allow the cigarette smell to settle in.
Method 3
In case of a temporary solution, you can use air and fabric neutralizer. They will clear the atmosphere, of the cigarette odor, without adding any scent indoors. Yet another method would be to spray your favorite perfume on the light bulbs of the room, in which people generally smoke. The heat of the bulbs will make the scent fill up the room, leaving it free of cigarette odor.
Method 4
Keep potpourri or scented candles in those rooms of your house where people generally light up cigarettes. It will confine the smell in the room itself and stop it from lingering to other rooms. If the smell of potpourri is strong enough, it may also dominate the cigarette odor and minimize it.
Method 5
The smell of cigarette is unpleasant to many smokers too. If you also smoke, but want to keep the smell limited to the ashtray only, fill it with cat litter, charcoal, or baking soda. You can also mop the floor with pine- scented cleaner, in order to stop the smell from spreading.
Method 6
You can even make use of citrus peels to remove the odor of cigarettes from your house. Spread a liberal amount of orange or lemon peels in your room for a few days and find your room smelling fresh.
Method 7
Using baking soda comes across as one of the best methods of getting rid of cigarette smell. Whether it is your carpet, clothes, floor or walls, you can sprinkle the soda over them and let it set for a few hours. Now, let the vacuum cleaner soak up the left soda and the foul smell of cigarettes along with it
Method 8
You can even use your favorite beverage, coffee, to fight off the foul smell. However, do not sprinkle it on the rug or clothes or even wall, as coffee has the tendency to stain. You can make pouches of grounded coffee, using dip bags. Hang them in bunches, around places where the smoke is most likely to linger. They will soak up the smell and also confer the house with the beautiful aroma of coffee.

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