Achieving Tudor style room decoration is quite a hard task. Let us all know how to decorate in a Tudor style, in order to give the room a different feel and look, with the tips given here.

How To Decorate In A Tudor Style

The Tudors were the monarchs who ruled England in the 15th century. They came up with the unique Tudor style home concept, which continues to impress people till date. This beautiful style is easy to recognize and identify. Tudor style architecture has certain distinctive features, which are hard to find in any other style of architecture. In case you are planning to get the same decoration for your room as well, you will have to keep in mind the distinctive style and interior decoration of that era. Here, we have listed some tips on how to decorate your room in a Tudor style, just for you.
Tudor Style Decoration Tips
Large Furniture
The furniture used in the Tudor period was large and ornate. The furnishings of that era were similar to the ones found in the Gothic period. The trends in the furniture and decoration evolved slowly. As houses were quite big at that time, the furniture was also made in accordance with that. Hence, to decorate your room in a Tudor style, you need to use big furniture, for the perfect feel.
Use Recessed Lighting
Wall sconces, chandeliers and lamps are perfect for creating the perfect Tudor style feel. Lights that resembled candles were used during the Tudor era. So, it is advisable for you to use recessed lighting in your room as well, which will be bright, but won’t detract from the atmosphere of the room. A proper lighting arrangement is an essential part of creating the apt bygone era feel.
Take Care While Decorating Windows
In the Tudor architecture, windows form an essential segment of the home decor. So, while going ahead with Tudor style decoration for your room, it is important to take special care of the windows. For an authentic effect, you will have to use diamond leaded glass windows, as they were in vogue during that time. Though they are expensive, they also comprise of one of the most identifiable features of the bygone era.
Decorate With Crest
A crest or coat of arms was an important item that one could see in almost all Tudor homes. They were either incorporated into the architecture or were used simply for decorative purposes. In order to get the Tudor style feel, either find your family crest or design one yourself.
Create Arches
Arches from one room to the next were an important design element of the Tudor period. In order to accommodate the Tudor style and recreate the feel of that time, try to make arches from one room to another, as much as possible.

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