Are you wondering how to decorate a loft and give it a cozy and homely feel? Loft decorating all about using simple items, furniture and a bit of your creativity.

How To Decorate A Loft

Lofts, considered stylish and hip, are popular amongst the young and upwardly mobile segment of the society. Don’t be bogged down by the concept of a single giant room, where you will be devoid of privacy. Know that you can always divide a loft into small segments, which will make it look homey. Though it is difficult to decorate lofts, there are ways in which you can adorn it inexpensively and aesthetically. The concept of how to decorate a loft first entails issues like getting around the floor plan, creating more space and creating storage options. Then only comes the last and main step, that of decorating it.
Loft Apartment Decorating Tips
Use Area Rugs/ Room Dividers
One of the easiest ways to define and segregate space in a loft is by adding area rugs or shoji screens or room dividers. Area rugs soften the ambience and can add to the warmth of a room, making it cozier. Shoji screens are available in the form of sliding doors or fan-like foldouts. These elegant Japanese screens can create boundaries, without blocking light. You can also experiment with large, open bookcases as room dividers. Choose rich colored shelves and add a contemporary touch to the space.
Simple Decoration
The simpler the decoration, the better would your loft look! Choose a few sleek pieces of furniture and place them across the room, creating a casual, yet cozy environment. Get hold of some designer fashion or antique items and use them add to the overall décor.
Buy Items With Hidden Storage Space
Plan and buy items that have some hidden storage space, in order to make the most out of the item. A classic example is an Ottoman, which is a footstool, coffee table and even storage space (for keeping items like spare blankets and board games), all rolled into one.
Go Green
Place plants around your loft, to enliven the space and also give it a homely and warm touch. You will also be able to enjoy the usual benefits that plants offer, mainly in the form of providing clean and purified air and bringing natural element inside the room.
Hang Painting & Artworks
The high ceilings of a loft make it a perfect canvass for experimenting with your creative ideas. So, be adventurous and hang paintings and artworks of various shapes and sizes, in accordance with the size of the room. It will give an intellectual and classy feel to your loft.
The loft decorating tips given above will help give a contemporary and aesthetic look to your room. The combination of simple things, like colorful rugs, bright colors and aesthetic paintings, can completely change the look and feel of the loft. Just apply these tips and feel the difference!

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