Does your small apartment bathroom make you feel claustrophobic? Read this article to know the ways on how you can make your apartment bathroom look and feel larger.

How To Make Your Apartment Bathroom Look And Feel Larger

Small bathrooms come with a number of limitations. We often think of having palatial bathrooms, but small ones restrict the space for storing toiletries and towels. And often we tend to neglect and overlook the precious place in our homes. However, small bathrooms can be given a spacious look and a tremendous feel if you focus on certain small touches. All it requires is some planning, a few creative organizational skills and clever use of colors - your bathroom can be converted into a spacious place. You do not have to completely remodel your bathroom by replacing tiles and removing fixtures, just a few decorating tips will do the magic. In this article, we give you different ways to make your apartment bathroom look and feel larger than it actually is.
Ways Of Making Your Apartment Bathroom Look Bigger
Use Right Color
Use soft and pale colors to repaint your bathroom walls. This will make your bathroom look spacious and brighter. Avoid bright and strong colors like red, which in turn can be used for accessories and towels. You can choose a light or neutral color for the flooring, to make the floor look open. In case your bathroom has been floored with tiles, place a light-colored rug to overcome the dark or unflattering tiles.
Add Mirrors
Mirrors, on any wall, give the illusion of expanding a small space and make it look and feel larger. Hang a mirror on the wall, if there isn’t any before. You can also arrange a few mirrors artistically throughout the bathroom. Try a full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.
Plan Lighting
Use bright lights for your bathroom, as they can make a room look and feel much larger than it is. A dimly lit or a dark room looks much smaller than it really is. Change your bathroom bulbs to higher voltage bulbs, to give the room a more spacious feel.
Reduce Clutter
Spend some time arranging and organizing your bathroom stuff, as a clean and neat bathroom will always look bigger. Be creative in storing the most important items only, to avoid cluttering your bathroom, which will make it look even smaller. Keep all supplies that are not required frequently in the closets and cuboards. Reduce the number of towels, rugs, pieces of art and accessories. Use over-the-door racks and suction-cup-mounted trays to store and display your items. The more open space, the larger the bathroom will look and feel.
Create Visual Pathway
Instead of limiting the vision till the curtain, push the shower curtain away to one side, to increase the amount of space in your bathroom, when not in use. Your eyes will feel that the bathroom is larger. Also sheer curtains can be used to cover the windows during daytime to provide privacy as well as let in abundant light. The shade can be drawn down at the night.

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