Making a splash with colors & themes forms one of the best decorative ideas for a kid’s bedroom. Read on to explore ideas on how to decorate your child’s bedroom, making it lively & full of energy.

Decorative Ideas For Kid’s Bedroom

Just as adults have a room that is all their own, kids also demand a separate space in the house, where they can enjoy their little world. Special focus should be laid when decorating a child’s room, especially since the approach has to different from that required for an adult’s room. For the grade-schoolers, their bedroom serves as a multi-activity place, where they can play, read, listen to music, daydream or just be alone. On the other hand, some kids might like their room designed in a way to maximize the fun. Make sure to get your child involved in the decoration as well, as the more he/ she gets involved, the more he/ she is likely to take care of it. The room can be given different themes and matching furniture along. Read on further to know some more decorative ideas for your kid’s bedroom.
How To Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom
Talk To Your Child
Find out your children’s fantasies and activities that they enjoy to indulge in. Ask them their favorite color and figure out their personality upon which a theme can be based.
Allow Your Child To Help
Let your children help you in choosing the colors, fabrics, furniture, decorative items, collectibles and accessories for the room. After, they are the ones who have to live therein.
Make The Room Multi-Functional
Since children are more involved in activities other than sleeping, design their room in such a manner that they have maximum place for those activities. Let the room have separate zones for play area, reading area and entertainment area.
Make Storage A Priority
Go for large decorative wicker baskets, plastic see-through containers and closets that contain plenty of shelving and racks, since almost all the kids have a lot to store.
Keep Window Treatments Simple
Choose shades, blinds and shorter curtains over long draperies, as they are safer. Match the pattern of the curtains with other items, like pillows, quilts, lampshades, bed ruffles, etc.
Choose The Right Lighting
The room should include lights for various purposes. Tasks lights should be include for reading and homework, while for quieter times, soothing lights would be just perfect.
Use Wallpaper Or Paint
Use colors and textures that kids love, but make sure to avoid strong colors. You can get clouds or stars on the ceiling and whimsical borders along the top edges of the walls.
Select The Design Theme
Let your children choose from different themes to decorate their room. The themes could be starry night, angels, rainbows, unicorns, princess bedroom, underwater scenery, race cars, trains, dinosaurs, the list goes on.
  • While coloring the walls, you can go for only paint, paint and border, stencils, stick-ups, fabrics, paneling and molding.
  • Use a color scheme in the room, like rainbow, nautical colors, kites, cartoons, crayon colors, bed linen designs and movie themes.
  • For a cool combination, choose pale blue, sea foam blue-green and forest green color scheme.
  • For coloring a girl’s room, blend a mixture of fuschia, violet and blueberry.
  • Decorate your kid’s nursery with pink, blue and yellow.
  • Primary colors like red, blue and yellow work well for toddlers.
  • For a small room, choose a cool, neutral color scheme and include low light colored furniture to create the illusion of more space.
  • For larger rooms, use warm and rich tones to make the room cozier. You can paste large print wallpaper.
  • Dark colored ceilings appear lower, while the light colored ones appear higher. So, choose the latter over the former.

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