Every teenager wishes his or her bedroom to reflect their personality. Read on to find out more on how to decorate your teenager’s room.

Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Teenage years are not an easy phase of growing up. Most of you can recall the great amount of turmoil experienced during those turbulent years. A teenager’s first and natural reaction to any authority is to rebel. This rebellious streak arises out of the teenagers’ increasing desire to be independent, and do their own thing. They definitely do not welcome any sort of suggestions, let alone advice (which they tend to misconstrue as interference) from other people, including their parents. One of the foremost things which teenagers do when they enter this critical age is to demand a separate room for themselves, their den. This room (bedroom cum study cum longue) becomes a sort of platform for exhibiting the innate facets of their personality. Each teenager has got his or her own way of showcasing their ideas, which is always appreciable. Parents, even if they don’t like their teenage wards displaying their themes in the bedroom, must not try to curb this as it may lead to frustration among the young adults. On the contrary, if parents support the decoration plans of their children, the latter is more likely to listen at least some, if not all, of the thoughts put forward by their parents in decorating their rooms. Given below are some valuable tips that can be followed to enhance the ambience of a teenager’s bedroom.
Tips To Decorate A Teenager’s Bedroom
First, parents should ensure that the colors should look appropriate when blended with one another. Vibrant colors increase the positive vibes by inducing a feel-good factor, not only in the bedroom but around the whole house as well. But leave the final say about the choice of the color on the teenager.

Infusing a brand new paint on the walls is sure to bring in fresh vigor inside the bedroom. If you wish to hang any pictures or portraits on the walls, then magnetic paint should be the ideal choice. Then you don’t have to worry about drilling any holes in the walls. As most teenagers are fascinated by posters, and like them to adorn their bedroom walls, the concept of using magnetic paints comes in very handy here.
Having a floor covering such as a carpet would accentuate the exquisiteness of the bedroom. And, having carpets of neutral hues can have a soothing effect on the minds of the teenagers.
Windows occupy a position of prominence, as apart from being there for ventilation purposes, they also serve as channels for the exploration of the external world. Hence, windows should be wide and large to allow in the light and air.  Also, make sure that at least two walls have windows so that the usually cluttered teenagers’ room doesn’t look stuffy.

Select quilts that blend well with the room’s colors. However, design can be overlooked in favor of cost and efficiency.

Decorations are the culmination of all the above mentioned ideas. After the basic ideas of the bedroom are in place allow your teenager to decorate the room with mirrors, posters, pictures or any other stuff that takes his or her fancy. Remember that it is your teen’s room, and so don’t try to force your concept on his or her desires.

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