The Treeing Cur is known to be a courageous and brave hunter, excelling in the field work. To know more about the Treeing Cur breed of dog, go through this article.

Treeing Cur Dogs

Breed:  Cur
Height: 18-24 inches
Weight: 30-60 lb
Coat Type: Short, smooth and dense
The Treeing Cur is one of the cur dog breeds that originated in the Southern United States. The breed was essentially used to tree raccoons and opossums. The Treeing Cur dog is known for its hunting expertise and was originally bred to facilitate the breeders in their hunting expeditions. Treeing Cur is an intelligent, alert, brisk and strong breed. The height and legs facilitate the dogs’ chase for the game and help them in hunting down all small and big preys. The article provides you with detailed information on the Treeing Cur dog breed.
The cur breed of dogs was originated in the remote and rural parts of the United States. The cur dog is not at all appealing when it comes to looks, as the breeders were not at all interested in improving the looks of their dogs. The entire purpose behind breeding the cur breed of dogs was to get maximum work done from them. The cur breed was engendered, since the breeders required a dog that could serve multiple purposes like hunting, guarding, etc. This intention of the breeders resulted in the birth of ‘Treeing Cur’, a dog with the most varied size and color in the entire cur breed. The cur breed was bred basically to hunt squirrels, raccoons and opossums. The breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club on November 1, 1998.
The Treeing Cur is a powerful, agile tree dog, available from small to medium size. The longs legs of the dog make it possible for it to run briskly, even in rough terrains. It has a broad head with a moderate stop and a muzzle shorter than the length of the skull, with a well-defined under-jaw. It has muscular and prominent cheeks. The medium to large ears are set wide apart with the outer and inner corners on the same horizontal line. The nose is square with well-opened nostrils. It has a straight tail, which is set low. The coat is short to medium and can be smooth or rough in texture. The undercoat is short, dense and soft. The dog has a complete set of evenly spaced teeth meeting in scissors bite. The breed is a working dog and its appearance compliments the breed’s work.
The Treeing Cur is a fast and a hard hunter that finds its targets using all its senses in proper amalgamation. The dog can be open or silent on track, with a good change at the tree. It can become a great watchdog, due to its intelligent and alert nature. This breed of dog is hard working and can be easily trained for all other tasks. If socialized properly, the dog can turn out to be an excellent family companion as well.
Genetic Diseases
There are not many complaints about the health of the Treeing Cur dog. However, problems such as albinism and deafness are recorded in few dogs. Blindness, overshot bite and undershot bite have also been confirmed in some. Apart from these, there are no other health issues concerning this breed of dog.
The Treeing Cur requires very less grooming, due of its short coat type. Occasional brushing is enough to keep the dog well groomed. The dog should be bathed whenever necessary. 

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