Does your door screech and squeak every time you open it? Your door might need a door hinge repair. Explore this article to learn how to fix a door hinge yourself.

Door Hinge Repair

A creaky hinge lets the entire house know that you are opening and closing a door. The heaviness of the door leads to the hinges getting out of shape, most of the times. The screws of the hinges either loosen or the holes broaden, due to the strain put on by a heavy door. Such a condition leads to a sagging door which not only gets on the floor, but also on your nerves. It is advisable to give your old doors time to time hardware updates, for them to swing like new doors. It does not require a carpenter to fix or repair an out-of-shape door hinge. All that you need is a bit of patience, time and a little strength. Though squeaky hinges can be fixed with lubricants, the problem should be permanently solved to avoid any further damage to the door. In the following lines, we have provided step by step instructions on how to fix the door hinges to make them just like the new one.
How To Fix A Door Hinge
  • Before you go in for purchasing a new door hinge, it is better to remove your door and carry one set of hinges with you to the store so that you can get the exact size. This will make your choice easier by helping you to pick the right hinge.
  • Take the help of a screwdriver and a hammer to remove the door. The pins in the hinges may slip out easily or might require a bit more effort. You can use the hammer for stubborn pins. While taking out the pins with a hammer, make sure that you don’t dent your door with the hammer. Once the pins are out, you should be able to lift the door and free it from the hinges easily.
  • Set the door aside after removing it from the hinges. Now, take a screwdriver and remove the mounting screws from each half of a set of hinges. Note down the number of hinges on the door and carry an old set to the shop to buy the replacement hinges.
  • Once you have purchased the new hinges, check on which side will get mounted on the door and which one will be on the door jamb. Mount the plates in their respective positions by using the new set of screws provided with the hinges.
  • Once the hinges are positioned at the right place, lift the door into the right place. Ask help from another person, as the door may be heavy. One person can hold the door in the position, while the other can guide the hinges into the alignment and slide the pins in their place. You may have to tap the pins into their respective place by using a hammer.
  • Check the movement of the door after fixing the hinges. In case, even after replacing the hinges, your door is dragging or not fitting in properly at the opening, then there might be some other problem with your door. Contact a carpenter in any such situation, instead of investing more money and time in repairing it yourself. 

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