French door curtains, when combined with wrought iron rods, help in giving that perfect European look to your room. Check out some ideas for French door curtains & drapes.

French Door Curtains

French doors are designed in such a way that they can connect two rooms visually. Those who want to reduce the visibility put curtains on the door! Now, whether or not you have French doors in your house, you can always add French door curtains in your room, to give it a European feel. Such curtains are very light and flimsy and have been in use since centuries. The best aspect of French door curtains is that they provide you privacy and at the same time, allow you to have a partial view of what is going outside the room. Another positive point of such curtains is that they protect your furniture from harmful rays of the sun, while allowing enough sunlight to brighten up the room.
The material for French door curtains is easily available at all the big home stores. You can either get the curtains stitched from outside or make them at home. French door curtains work the best in case of rooms in the inner areas of the house, since you will need much more privacy in the rooms that are visible to people from outside. You can also go economical by making your own French window treatments and save money.  In case you are still a little confused as to how to go about adorning your room with French door curtains, make use of the ideas given below.
French Door Curtain Ideas 
  • French door curtains are usually made of a thin see-through material, thick enough to give partial privacy and thin enough to let in adequate amount of sunlight.
  • French door curtains are usually made of white material, since it reflects light and adds to the bright look of the room.
  • Usually, French door curtains hang straight, right from the top of the door to the ground.
  • If you want to make your French door curtains a bit stylish, you can tie them from the middle. This will give them an hourglass shape, which looks pretty suave and chic.
  • To give the perfect French look to your house, get French doors installed in the inner rooms and use real or replica wrought iron curtain rods, along with the curtains.
  • Sheer French door curtains, when added with smaller, thinner rods; impart a very elegant look to your room.
Making Your Own French Curtains
Purchase a glass frosting kit. You can use stencils to outline different designs. This way you can change the design of your French doors every season, at least theoretically. Imagine you have designs like leaves for the fall season, snow flakes for winters and flowers for spring. Hang a two curtain rod on your French door design. Hang one rod on the top and one on the bottom. After this, hang a curtain made of any soft and semi-transparent cloth, such as sheers or muslins. Use a decorative sash to clinch the middle of the curtains for that elegant French look. Alternately, you can also use roman shades and blinds to screen the sunlight coming into your room. To accentuate the beauty of your door, go for elaborate and ornate door handles.

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