French country design for homes is fast catching up in many urban households. Check out information on decorating a house in the French country style.

French Country Decorating

In case you have been keeping track of the latest theme for decorating your home, you must have come across the French country style, which is gaining popularity day by day. The pictures and photographs look absolutely dreamy and you would personally love to get a makeover for your house and convert it to the French country style. In case you are clueless as to how to go about it, we come to your rescue. Given below are tips and ideas for getting the French country décor for your home. So read carefully through information on decorating your home in French country style.
Decorating in French Country Style 
  • The first thing that defines any household or gives individuality to a room is the furniture. To give a rustic French look to your home, go in for wrought iron furniture. Get sofas, chairs, or even the bed in wrought iron frame, preferably in black or copper color.
  • No French country style décor is complete without the stone fireplace. Allot a corner of the room, either your living room or your bedroom for the fireplace that is preferably built with grey stone slabs. It lends a warm look and old-world charm to your room.
  • The secondary furniture like coffee tables and chairs or side tables or the vanity table can be bought in soft wooden tones that have carvings in them. These can be set up in strategic corners around the house. The coffee tables and chairs can be used to fill up empty spaces in the living room and the vanity furniture can be used to cover up a major portion of the wall in your bedroom.
  • Paint your walls in very warm pastel shades like mustard, cream, light tones of yellow and orange or bright and cool colors like cobalt blue, grass green, etc. You can also use textured wall-paper in these tones and shades for your walls.
  • The flooring of the house should be done in rustic materials like stone, clay or brick. This lends a very natural and warm tone to your house and gives it the typical French country look.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize. Buy pots in copper shade and hang them in your kitchen. Get coffee mugs that have roosters, lavenders, grapes, etc. drawn or painted on them as they are pretty popular in the French countryside. Get a chandelier in wrought iron without the crystals and the glitz. Hang it in your living room for a rustic effect.

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