Decorating the kitchen, country style, seems to be in fashion these days,. Get some ideas on country kitchen decor & design ideas.

Country Kitchen Decoration

Kitchen is the place where a woman spends a major portion of her time and it is necessary for her to feel comfortable there. One of the most popular kitchen styles today is the country kitchen. It is based on the simple beauty of nature and gives a warm and earthy feeling to the kitchen. Anyone who has been in a country kitchen would agree that it has a very welcoming and friendly aura around it and makes you feel completely at home. It seems like you are also getting interested in creating the country look for your kitchen. Am in right? To get some ideas on country kitchen decoration, read further.
Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas 
  • The first aspect that you need to take into account while decorating your kitchen country-style is the color of the walls. A country style kitchen usually involves colors that look fresh and warm, something like yellows, browns, greens, whites and pinks. Make sure that you use the medium shade in these colors, neither light nor dark.
  • Accenting is a very good idea as far as decorating a country kitchen is concerned. You can use accents in the form of fruits, flowers, vegetables, plants and other such accessories.
  • Take due precaution while deciding on the furniture to be used in the kitchen. For the country look, furniture in lighter woods, like wicker furniture, work the best. For the upholstery, try to make use of floral and gingham patterns. If you do not want to go for new furniture, no problem! Just put slip covers, with the proper patterns, on your existing furniture.
  • Flooring is one of the aspects that can never ever be overlooked while decorating a country kitchen. Natural wood, tile or flagstone flooring is what goes with the look. If you cannot change the flooring, go for wall-to-wall carpeting or laminate in the correct light shade. For adding an authentic look to the kitchen, go for hooked or braided rugs.
  • A country kitchen exudes warmth, so use those accessories which bring out this quality. Photos in wooden frames, paintings of rustic scenes, plants, candles and lace curtains will help create the perfect welcoming look for your country kitchen.
  • In the end, remember that it is your kitchen and you have to spend the maximum time in it. Pick up those things that you like the most and decorate it the way you like.

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