Decorating kitchen according to a particular theme can be a lot of fun. Browse through the article and explore ideas about some fun kitchen décor themes.

Fun Kitchen Decorating Themes

If you are bored with the old look of your kitchen, consider revamping it with funny themes. Fun kitchen decorating themes will make the place lively as well as relaxing to work at. Themed decoration will make your kitchen the focal point of your house and the place will surely become a head turner! In addition, you will want to spend more time in your kitchen, if it is decorated in a peppy manner. Go through the following lines and explore ideas about some fun kitchen decorating themes, listed just for you.
Fun Kitchen Décor Theme Ideas
Rooster Theme
The rooster theme offers you plenty of choices in terms of colors. You can choose green, red, brown, blue or yellow for the theme. Replace the inner panels of the cabinet doors with chicken wire, stapled inside each door. Install peg rack between the upper cabinets and the countertop, on one of the walls. You may display rooster-themed plates and bowls on the racks. Make use of the theme-based items, like dishes, placemats, canisters and pictures, to enhance the overall appeal of the kitchen. Ensure that the tablecloth has a rooster print on it.
Mixed Fruit Theme
Make your kitchen a colorful place, by decorating it according to the mixed fruit theme. Paint the walls in pink, orange or yellow shade. At the same time, use wedge-shaped 'mixed fruit' tablemats for your dining table. Adorn the open cupboards with mixed fruit plates and bowls. You can get all the accessories for the mixed fruit theme at sales outlets and online stores. Ceramic flooring is best suited for the theme.
1940's Retro Theme
Convert your kitchen into a happening place, by designing as per the very popular 1940's retro theme! Jadeite, red and white were the colors prevalent in the era. You can make use of jadeite color for your dishware and display it in open cabinets. Purchase red vintage kitchenware as well. Jazz up the room with pink-colored retro print tablecloth. Coordinate throw rugs with linoleum flooring, in a checkerboard pattern. Treat the windows with vintage curtains. To give the finishing touch, use vintage ceiling lights and wall sconces.
French Country Theme
A fun way to decorate your kitchen is to make use of the French country theme. This theme is perfect for a kitchen that needs to be decorated casually. You may go for red and yellow hues, apart from burgundy or buttery mustard yellow color, for the walls. Store the pots and pans in wrought iron ceiling racks. Ceramic tiles are best suited for the theme. You may also use tiles for the countertops. The farmhouse-style table, with rough finishes, will add substance and the element of fun to your kitchen.
Rustic Mexican Look
You can decorate your kitchen with bright Mexican inspired accents as well. Talavera ceramic tiles will provide the authentic Mexican look to the floor. Make use of items like candleholders and vases for decorating the room. Clusters of chili peppers, hung from the walls or ceiling, will add to the fun element. You may display colorful Mexican plates and cups in open cup boards. For the final touch, use bright pottery and Mexican souvenirs.

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