Broken shoe heels can be easily repaired at home, without the need to take them to a shop. Check out the article and learn tips on how to repair broken shoe heel.

How To Repair Shoe Heel

High heels attract a person with their style and also promise you an added height. But, the shoe heels have a definite disadvantage, when compared to flatter shoes. It is that the heel often loosens or even breaks off from the sole. High heels often come off when caught in thick carpeting or on stairs, or when you trip or walk hard on one side of the shoe. You would definitely want to repair them immediately and get on your way. In case you do not want to visit the shoe repair shop the next time the heel breaks off from one of your stylish pumps, help is at hand. Go through the following lines and get tips on how to repair broken shoe heels. With a little bit of patience and a few supplies, you can easily fix the problem of broken shoe heel, right at your home.
Broken Shoe Heels Repair
Things Required 
  • Hammer
  • Shoe Glue
  • Nails 
  • Apply shoe glue on the heels.
  • Place the worn out heel on the sole of your shoe. Make sure that it is positioned exactly above the sole. Press the heel firmly.
  • Wipe off the excess glue around the heels. Allow them to dry.
  • The nails of the heel might have slid out of their holes, when it was broken. Insert them back to their original position. To do this, you need to coat them with glue first and then insert them.
  • Using a hammer, insert few additional nails around the heels, after the original ones have been put in for additional stability.
  • Allow the shoe to dry completely, before you wear it. 
Some Tips 
  • You can use or super glue, instead of shoe glue, to make sure that the heel gets fixed completely.
  • Do not apply excess glue on the heels. It will be as bad as applying too less glue.
  • When repairing a shoe heel that has been broken into two pieces, use shoe glue to cement it back together. Using a tack hammer and some nails, after the glue has dried thoroughly, reinforce the repair.
  • Pound in additional nails into the mate of your shoe heel, so that both the shoes balance each other.
  • Before the nails are hammered in, make sure that the glue has dried completely.
  • Try to make use of nails that are similar to the original nails, which were already present in the heel.
  • Shoe nails are easily available at a shoe repair shop or a hardware store. You just need to go and buy them.
  • If the heel of your shoe has broken off and cannot be re-used, be sure to get the heel in the same shape and size as the original one. The balance of the shoe will also change if you try to change the shape or size of the heel.
  • The tips of narrow stiletto heels tend to wear down eventually. Purchase a pair of heel tip replacements from your local shoe repair shop in advance, to repair your heels whenever required.

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