Difficult as it may seem, you can repair your sofa cushion cover on your own! Explore the article to know how to repair a sofa cushion cover.

How To Repair A Sofa Cushion Cover

Home sweet home! The beautiful interiors decorated with various artifacts that you have got from across the globe, the neatly painted walls, and sofas matching the walls with colorful cushions on them. That well arranged home always turned your neighbor’s face green with envy. Everything was perfect until your child grew up enough to reduce the piece of beautiful home decoration to an object of defence or place to show his/her high jump skills. After that, you must have become a topic of discussion in kitty parties for those worn out cushion covers that you forgot to replace when your friends visited your home. In every home especially where kids and little monsters are synonyms, your sofas will have to brave a torturous life ahead. As a result of this, the sofa cushion covers become soiled or worn well before the rest of the sofa starts giving you any cue on aging. However, by sparing a little investment in time you can repair those favorite cushion covers of yours all by yourself. You can add years of beauty and function to one of the most beautiful piece of your home décor. Given here are some tips for helping you out. 
Tips To Repair A Sofa Cushion Cover 

Soiled Cushions
Are you afraid to put that velvety cushion cover in the washing machine? Worry not, as there are many an upholstery shampoos available in the market. You can hand wash your favorite cushion cover and retain its lost mien. A good vacuum can also work magic. 

Small Tear
If you find small tear or torn seams in the cushion cover, you can very well mend it even without taking off the cover. Select the thread that matches the predominant color of the sofa cover and using a needle whipstitch the torn seams and edges of the cushion cover. Take care to turn the edges of the fabric inside and lock those using small neatly spaced stitches. 

Welting Replacement
You can either get a pre-manufactured welting available at any fabric store or any other fabric that matches with your cushion cover. Sew the fabric covering around the rope either using a sewing machine or by hand. If you are working on a sewing machine, stitch a sleeve for the rope inside out so that while inserting the rope inside, you get the right side outside. However, if you are doing it with hand, carefully pinch the edges of the cushion inwards towards the rope, as you whipstitch the fabric in place. Then stitch the welting to the edges of the cushion using matching thread. 

Old Wine In A New Bottle 
If you are very attached to the cushion cover that has worn out, take it as a challenge to perfect a new cushion cover out of the old ones. Cut out the necessary pieces from your old cushion covers and stitch them all together. Let your imagination fly! You can either place it together using a zipper or even stitch the whole thing once the cushion is inserted into the new cover.

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