Learn how to build your own patio cover using easy to follow step-by-step procedure.

How To Build A Patio Cover

Patio is usually a paved outdoor area adjoining your house. It is an extension of the house which can either be fully covered or have no cover at all. A patio cover is one that covers that extended area of your house. Besides making your house look good, a patio cover also proves to be a functional piece of furniture. Besides its other uses, patio cover shields your house from the scorching heat of the Sun. It keeps the snow and the rain from spoiling the barbeques parties you organize. Simply put, it can provide a solace of sorts where you can relax.
Building A Patio Cover
Alright, but before you get started, make sure you know what kind of a patio cover you exactly want and why you want it. Besides, you must also know if any permission is required to build a patio cover from the state / local authorities.
No special skills are required for building your own patio cover. You just need patience and a will to build a patio cover all by your self.
Choice of Materials for Your Patio Cover
Some of the materials you can choose from, for your patio cover, are: 
  • Polycarb panels - for high summer or winter temperatures
  • Vinyl opaque - for all weather conditions
  • Vinyl translucent and clear panels - suitable for use in milder weather conditions
  • Aluminum pan roof - that is cool, durable and requiring little maintenance
  • Insulated foam panels providing insulation for a strong low-maintenance roof
  • Fabrics
  • Synthetic wood
  • Natural wood
  • Corrugated plastic 
Tools Required 
  • Circular saw
  • Tape measure
  • Ladder
  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Electric drill (use one that has a screwdriver attachment)
  • Level
Your work will become a little simple if the patio is attached to the house. In that case, the existing support system will help the cover to fit easily. But if the patio is not attached to the house, the cover will have to be fitted on all four sides or as per the shape of your patio.
Building Material Required 
  • Coated deck screws, 2” length – 1 box
  • 2”x4” treated wood bars, long enough to extend beyond the area you wish to cover – 8 in number
  • 4”x4”treated wood bars (they will provide the height, therefore, should be long enough accordingly) – 4 in number
  • Concrete / cement – 2 bags
  • Corrugated plastic / your desired material, long enough and wide enough to cover the patio
  • 2” nails – 1 box
  • Water 
Patio Cover – Step by Step Building Instructions 
  1. Dig a hole at least 18” deep at all four corners of your patio using the shovel.
  2. Measure the dimensions of outer perimeter – i.e. length and breadth of patio, measured between adjacent holes
  3. Cut one 2”x4” bar each for all sides. Lengths of these bars should be the same lengths of their corresponding sides of patio (as measured in step 2).
  4. Place these 2”x4” lengths along the corresponding sides of patio, and use the electric screwdriver to insert 2” screws at each juncture, thus making a frame.
  5. Lay the remaining 2”x4” lengths on top of the frame created in a manner that a network / mesh is formed. Use the electric screwdriver to insert 2” screws at each juncture.
  6. Stand the 4”x4” bars upright in the holes. Now one by one, pour concrete and water into each hole and mix well. Use a level to make certain that the length of wood is straight. You can support the bars with wood struts until the concrete has set.
  7. Cover the concrete with dirt once it has set completely.
  8. Place the frame created on top of the standing poles / bars. Use the electric screwdriver to insert two 2” screws at each of the four corners.
  9. Place the corrugated plastic (or your desired material cover)) on top of the frame.
  10. Nail the plastic (or your desired material cover) to the frame of the roof.
  11. Sit and relax under the patio cover that you yourself have built. Congratulations!

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