This section will help you explore all the basic as well as general uses of common products, including those forming a part of household usage.

What Is Denatured Alcohol

Denatured alcohol is cheaper than alcohol and is highly functional in a myriad of uses. With this article, discover what denatured alcohol is and its various uses.

Boric Acid Uses

Boric acid has myriad uses, apart from just killing cockroaches and carpenter ants. Explore this article to know the several uses of boric acid.

Alum Powder Uses

You’ll be surprised to know what big things this little powder can do. Read this article on “alum powder uses” and know for yourself.

Coconut Uses

Coconut is perhaps the one tree of which every part is useful. If you don’t believe us, go through the article to know what are the different uses of coconut.

Baby Powder Uses

Baby powder can be put to far more number of uses than one can care to think of. Read below to know more on baby powder uses.

Uses Of Hydrogen

Hydrogen, the most abundant chemical element in the universe, can be put to many different uses. Read through this article and refresh your knowledge of basic chemistry.

Talcum Powder Uses

Talcum powder, apart from being used for conventional purposes, can also be used for less conventional purposes as well. Read your way through this article to discover the uses of talcum powder.

Lemon Oil Uses

Since ages lemon oil has been found to have a wide number of uses. Read below to know the different uses of lemon juice.

Rose Water Uses

Known for exquisite sweet fragrance, rose water is highly useful for different purposes. Navigate through this article to discover the several uses of rose water.

Hemp Uses

Hemp is the non-drug version of the cannabis plant. The plant has hundreds of known uses and high nutrient value. Take a look at some of the popular uses of the Hemp plant.

Beeswax Uses

Beeswax is nothing but the glandular secretions of honeybees. Go through this article to enrich your knowledge about the many uses of beeswax.

Ammonia Uses

There is a wide range of ammonia uses. Read below to know more on the various uses of ammonia.

Aluminium Foil Uses

If you think a roll of aluminium foil is only good for picnic sandwiches and snacks, you’re wrong. Explore this article and discover the innumerable ways by which aluminium foil is useful.

Recycling Old Linen

Are you wondering what you can do with a piece of old linen? Recycling is the answer. Here are tips on how to recycle old linen to add charm to your home décor.

Kitchen Safety Tips

Kitchen could be a safe haven as well as the most dangerous place in the house, depending on how you keep it. Here are some basic kitchen safety tips.

Uses Of Allantoin

If you thought that chemicals were bad for your skin, have a look at the skin-friendly, gentle chemical called allantoin. Here is a list of the most common uses of allantoin. Read and wonder.

Uses Of Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are wonderful options to squeaky-clean clothes and articles. Here is a list of various uses of soap nuts. Enjoy reading how to use soap nuts

Uses Of Corn Husks

Corn husks are the dried outer covering or outer layer of corn. They are often used in making household and decorative items. Read this article to explore the uses and benefits of corn husk.

How To Wash An Angora Sweater

With a little care, you can make your Angora sweaters look new and smell fresh with minimum damage. Here’s how to wash your Angora Sweater.

Natural Cleaning Recipes

It’s easy to buy expensive cleaning product from the supermarket but natural and homemade cleaning products have their own advantages. Know how to make your own natural cleaning solutions.

Uses Of Ammonia

Ammonia is widely used both in the commercial industry as well as in the households, for different reasons. Read on to know more about the common household uses of ammonia.

Mineral Oil Uses

Mineral oil has many benefits attached to it, if used in moderation. Read this article below to find some common uses of mineral oil.

Uses Of Coconut Oil

Historically, coconut oil has been known to possess numerous benefits, be it in terms of health or cosmetic purposes. With this article, explore the various uses and benefits of coconut oil.

Tung Oil Uses

Tung oil, also known as china wood oil, is used to give finishing touches to wood and for a variety of other purposes. Explore the article to know the common uses of Tung oil.

Benefits And Uses Of Epsom Salt

One of the most neglected, but very effective health and beauty products is Epsom salt. Learn the health benefits and uses of Epsom Salt, through this article.

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