Known for exquisite sweet fragrance, rose water is highly useful for different purposes. Navigate through this article to discover the several uses of rose water.

Rose Water Uses

Just as a rose smells sweet, so does rose water. Commonly known as gulab jal or goolub, rose water is the leftover liquid or hydrosol, after rose petals and water are distilled together to extract rose oil. The sweet aromatic and fragrant rose water is produced from Damask roses. First grown in Iran and Bulgaria, Damask rose is now cultivated in Spain, Italy, and France. However, the Middle Eastern countries are the largest producers of rose water, due to the large availability of Damasks. Uses of rose water are plenty and varied. Not just for skincare, rose water finds itself a good place in many worldwide cuisines as well. Find out all about the different uses of rose water by steering through the lines given herein.
Different Uses Of Rose Water
In The Kitchen
Enhance the sweetness and flavor of your favorite recipes by adding a few drops of rose water. Desserts, such as cakes, puddings, and scones exude a special fragrance and floral note when prepared with rose water instead of vanilla essence. It is commonly used in preparing cookies, jams, jellies, and sweet lassi (yogurt-based milk) to bring out the freshness and flavor of these savories. It is also used as a substitute for water in gravy-based dishes to bring out the taste and aroma.
In The Bathroom
Due to its aromatic and sweet characteristics, rose water is perfect for bathing. Preparing a rose petal recipe with different oils, such as grape seed oil and jasmine oil, you can moisturize and soothe your body. Further, it will freshen up your mind and lightly scent your skin. Pour in some rose water into a decorative bottle and place it in your bathroom slab. The soft scent of rose will exude a sweet fragrance all over the bathroom, allowing you to enjoy your luxurious bath.
In Facial Toners
Since years, rose water has been a major component in cosmetics and cleansing formulas. Right from perfumes to fragrant powders, facial cleansers to toners, rose water has done wonders to the skin. Combine 1¼ cup of rose water with ¾ cup of witch hazel and 8 drops glycerin. Shake well and fill the solution in a bottle. Use it with a cotton swab to treat acne and wrinkles. Add in a few drops of glycerin in rose water and you have a good cleansing lotion. While rose water cleanses the skin, glycerin works as a skin softener. Dilute your regular cream or lotion with a few drops of rose water. Work into your skin to maintain the pH balance. Rose water, by itself, is a good skin cleanser for sensitive and dry skin.
In Freshening & Fragrance
Squirt some rose water on your neck and wrist for a mild perfume. Since it can be safely ingested, rose water makes a good alternative to mints for fighting against bad breath. Simply gargle with rose water to get rid of that foul mouth smell. Further, dip potpourri in rose water and place it in your room, drawer, or closet for long-lasting fresh fragrance. Fill a quarter of a cup with rose water and stir in 5 drops of jasmine essential oil. Pour the solution in a dark glass bottle and secure the lid tightly. The scent is so mild and refreshing; you’ll love to wear it every day.

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