You usually use a pumice stone to clean your feet, but every once in a while you’ve also got to clean the pumice stone. Read your way through this article to know how to clean a pumice stone.

Pumice Stone Cleaning

Sometimes in life, as ironical as it may sound, the object that is used to clean any particular thing will also need cleaning. To illustrate this fact of life, it is best to use the example of the rugged pumice stone. With the costs of pedicures almost always touching the skies, it is important to have a pumice stone at home. However, it is just not important to have a pumice stone; it is also just as important to maintain it. Maintaining it, however, contrary to popular belief is not too much of an ordeal. Like you use water, soap and the stone to clean your feet, you use water, soap and sometimes even a brush to clean the stone. Universally speaking, there are four methods that can be employed to clean a pumice stone. If you have a pumice stone at home and it looks dirty and you’ve wanted to clean it for some time now, just make your moves and read to gain access to four guaranteed-to-work cleaning methods.

How To Clean A Pumice Stone

Method 1

  • Begin by finding yourself a small pot. To this pot add around four cups of water and around three tablespoons of bleach. Stir for a few seconds. Over a gentle flame, bring the water to a boil and place the pumice stone in the pot. Once you have placed the stone in the pot of boiling water, allow it to stay in for at least ten minutes. Anything lesser than ten minutes of boiling time will just not do.
  • Once the ten minutes or so of boiling time is done with, you can feel free to get rid of the water. Take the pumice stone out of the small pot and allow it to dry. When drying the pumice stone you will have to take extra caution to ensure that the stone is completely dry. Your stone should be as good as clean now. 
Method 2
  • Method 2 of cleaning a pumice stone should see you cleaning it with hot water and soap. You can begin by adding hot water to a medium sized bowl. Now, take the pumice stone, slather on some soap and allow it to stay on for a few minutes.
  • Find yourself a toothbrush or a cleaning brush and scrub the stone as thoroughly as you can. There should be no visible dirt on the stone once you are done scrubbing it with a toothbrush or cleaning brush.
  • You can now proceed to rinse the stone with hot water and let it stay in the bowl full of hot water for five minutes or so. Once the five minutes is done with, you will have to take the stone out of the water, place it on a dry cloth and place both the cloth and stone in sunlight for at least an hour. Placing the stone in sunlight actually helps gives it a coat of sheen.
Method 3
  • This method, arguably, makes for the easiest method of cleaning a pumice stone. All you have got to do is rinse the pumice stone with lukewarm water every time you use it. Alternately, you can rinse the pumice stone under running water in your sink.
  • Once you’re done rinsing the pumice stone, you place it on a clean and dry towel and allow the stone to dry completely. Once the drying time is done with, the stone should be as good as clean.
Method 4
  • This one is a one-step-method and there is no water involved. Begin by getting your hands on a dry brush. With the dry brush, clean the pumice stone as thoroughly as possible. Thoroughly here means you will have to brush the stone in such a way that there is no visible dirt on its surface or in its crevasses. It is important to mention that under ‘Method 4’ of cleaning a pumice stone, brute force is what is needed the most.

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