When considering buying a new cooking appliance, you have several options to choose from. Browse through the article to know the different types of stoves available.

Types Of Stoves

Burning a stove is pretty simple. After all, what do you have to do to light up a stove? Add fuel, light fuel, and you are ready to cook. Ever since the stove has been invented, inventors and researchers have introduced various kinds of stoves useful for different functions and purposes. Further, you can, today, burn almost anything as fuel to produce heat. Say, you have wood for solid, kerosene for liquid, and natural gas for gas. These are primarily used for cooking food and, at times, for heating spaces. If you have been eyeing to purchase a new stove for long now, you have different styles depending upon your needs. Glance through the lines below to know the different types of stoves available. Take a look and choose the one that suits your needs and preferences the best.
Different Kinds Of Stoves
Heating-Cooking, Heating-Baking or Heating-Cooking-Baking Stoves
Though referred to as stoves, these are heaters that comprise of a cook top or a bake oven, or probably both. However, all such stoves have only one firebox.
Multifunctional Stoves
As the name suggests, a multifunctional stove serves several cooking functions, all combined in one unit. Such stoves generally offer options of heating, baking, cooking, smoking food, producing hot water, and a built-in open fireplace. However, different stoves may offer different custom combinations depending upon an individual’s preferences.
Gas Stoves
Gas stoves are powered by natural gas or liquid propane. While natural gas stoves are easily available in our community, liquid propane needs to be purchased and fueled in the stove. Compared to electric ranges, gas stoves prove to be a little expensive. They come with unique burners ranging from very fast high-temperature heat for searing and boiling to gentle low-temperature heat for simmering.
Electric Stoves
Contrary to gas stoves, electric stoves offer less control over heat output though they heat up very fast. For instance, water takes a longer time to boil in an electric stove as compared to heating on a gas stove. However, the advantage of electric stoves is that the food can be put on simmer for a longer time without the risk of burning it. On the whole, an electric stove delivers better overall performance than an oven.
Russian Bania Stoves and Sauna Stoves
Russian Bania stoves are specifically designed for producing heat and steam, or for heating dry sauna, known as the Finnish style. They are created so as to produce temperature and maintain the desirable heat and humidity levels in the sauna/steam room.
Heaters With A Built-in Open Fireplace
People, who want efficient heating from a masonry heater but wish to operate it as an open fireplace occasionally, should prefer buying this stove. They consist of a firebox that has a small door which is used during the entire course of heating and using the stove. Basically, this stove is shaped like a fireplace that radiates heat from the walls without actually igniting a fire.

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