Found in various styles and patterns, chairs are available to suit every need and every kind of space. Discover the different types of chairs to choose from.

Types Of Chairs

One of the most durable and versatile pieces of furniture, a chair finds itself a place in almost all spaces, be it home or office, outdoor picnics or indoor events. Whether multipurpose chairs or special occasion chairs, you have a chair for each and every requirement. Little did the inventors of early chairs know that this furniture comprising of legs, backrest and armrests would be able to provide such immense comfort. Ever since the chair was invented, it has undergone several modifications and modernizations to present newer and innovative designs to suit every person’s need and taste. Thus, while choosing a chair, you have to consider its weight, size, stack ability, durability, maintenance, and artistic design. Scroll through the lines herein to know a few types of chairs found in the furniture section of any market or store. Take a look!
Different Kinds Of Chairs
Wing Chair
Wing chairs are one of the very traditional kinds of chairs. But with a little reinterpretation and contemporary flavors, they have been modernized by designers. The side panels or “wings” on the back characterize a wing chair. These side panels enclose the head or torso areas of the body and are highly useful in providing comfortable protection from drafts, and to trap the heat from a fireplace in the area where the person would be sitting. The wings provide a comfortable surface to rest your head to take naps.
Chair and a Half
Slightly larger than a chair and smaller than a loveseat, a chair and a half serves as a useful piece of furniture for lounging. These are found in a variety of styles ranging from the traditional retro look to the very trendy and sophisticated ones. A chair and a half can either have a tight back and tight seat, or be beautified with loose cushions to form the back and seat. Alternately, it can have a tight back with a loose seat. Due to its versatility, a chair and a half is ideal for various settings, such as a small living room or a bedroom.
Chaise Longue
Chaise longue is a French term, known as chaise lounge in English, which is described as a long chair, allowing a person to stretch his legs without using an ottoman. This chair is usually used for relaxing due to its back that has a semi reclining angle. And hence, a chaise longue finds itself a place in outdoor furniture section.
Club Chair
A cushy, upholstered chair with arms and low back! That’s what you call a club chair. The term club chair is derived from 19th century England Gentlemen’s Clubs that used such chairs for peace and relaxation. Similar to other traditional chair styles that have been modified, a club chair too has been updated considering the tastes and preferences of individuals. Generally, club chairs are upholstered in leather, but you can find club chairs in fabrics as well.
Occasional Chair
True to its name, an occasional chair is a chair that is used occasionally. It, generally, is an extra chair that serves useful when you have several guests over to your place. These chairs are decorated and embellished beautifully becoming accent pieces in any room.
Lawn Chair
Lawn chairs serve the purpose of comfortable seating and relaxation in yards or outdoor events. They are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to various climatic conditions and elements. Such chairs are made from different materials, the most common of them being canvas, vinyl, metal, wood, wicker, plastic, and other durable materials.

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