Zero gravity chairs are designed according to the different positions that a human body occupies in a chair. Read the article to find out what a zero gravity recliner is.

Zero Gravity Chairs

A zero gravity chair is a highly adjustable chair designed to support the human body, according to the comfort requirements. Each zero gravity chair is designed taking into consideration the different positions that a human body occupies in a chair and hence, creates a sense of weightlessness and comfort. These zero gravity chairs can be found in an array of styles, shapes and prices, depending upon the requirements of different people. These chairs can be reclined at several angles, allowing the user to sit upright while working or lean forward to focus on other projects.
The design and technology used in zero gravity chairs has been inspired from the seats designed by NASA for its astronauts. The astronauts are required to lie back with their feet higher than their hearts during the take-off. The zero gravity chair helps in reducing the force that is applied on the spine, due to the extreme speed at which the astronauts travel. When we stand or sit in an upright position, gravity places pressure on the spine due to which the discs compress and spinal muscles contract to maintain the balance. This position is very uncomfortable for people with back pain. Hence, with zero gravity chairs, the gravity is neutralized allowing the muscles to rest, returning the discs back to their normal shape and size.
Today, most companies sell zero gravity chairs that can be used both as functioning work chairs as well as recliners. Zero gravity recliners are the most relaxing and pampering amongst all the styles and types of zero gravity chairs. Apart from this, you can even find zero gravity lounge chairs and sofas to ensure that you get the best seating arrangement. With all the facilities of superior quality and optimum comfort, zero gravity chairs are a must-have for people who want to energize and revitalize themselves. Read on further to know more about zero gravity chairs and zero gravity recliners. Also find their benefits.
What Is A Zero Gravity Recliner 
A zero gravity recliner carries all the qualities of a zero gravity chair. Not only is it highly adjustable, it can also get angled by the user the way he/she wants and is also much more comfortable than the ordinary zero gravity chair. Such chairs are designed to provide utmost care to the user. A recliner relieves a person from all the body pressures caused while standing, walking, lying or sitting on any other sofas and chairs. By extending the lower legs above the heart, the spine is given enough space to decompress. This position serves several benefits on the body, such as, less pressure on the spine, reduces stress on the heart, relieved muscle tension, decreased pressure on the heart, expanded lung capacity, increased circulation and increased blood oxygen levels.
Zero gravity recliner chairs are handy and can be easily carried on for picnics or camping. They can be folded, thereby occupying less storage space and making transportation easy. These zero gravity chairs can be reclined at the desired angle by adjusting the knobs or levers present in them. The chairs can be set up in all places, right from living rooms to backyards to lounge areas in offices. The chairs are made up of power coated steel frames, enveloped with black upholstery to provide maximum comfort. They have a wide leg rest, which allows users to stretch their legs to the fullest. The detachable headrest provides relief to people with cervical spondylitis.

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