Convert your bland-looking living area into a lively and inviting space for your family and friends. Find out the different types of carpet that you can choose from to beautify your dwelling.

Types Of Carpet

Place a throw rug in one of the corners of your living area and you have a decorative accent to add to your home décor. Apart from that, the rug would also keep that part of your floor insulated in cold climates. Be it styling, decorating, enhancing, or warming your home, the market has numerous options to help you select your desired carpeting. Also, these aesthetic flooring ideas are great for children and pets to play without worrying about them getting hurt. However, at the time of buying a new carpet, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. Firstly, think of the places where your carpet would be laid, and second, what kind of traffic would be flowing over it. Check out the different kinds of carpets that are available at your end and accordingly, make a wise choice.
Different Kinds Of Carpets
Similar to a woven cloth, woven carpet is made on a loom. Different colored yarns are used to create attractive and intricate patterns from designs that are usually pre-determined. In general, woven carpet is considered to be the most supreme quality of carpets available.
Tufted carpets are produced using tufting machines that are capable of producing huge meters of carpet as compared to woven carpets. Tufted carpets are either single colored or non-colored. In case a non-colored yarn is used to weave a tufted carpet, the carpet is dyed or printed afterwards with a design, which is an altogether separate process. Tufted carpets usually lie at the cheaper section of the market.
Technologically advanced, needlefelt-type carpets are manufactured by electrostatic attraction of individual fibers, forming a unique-designed carpet. Due to their extremely high durability, needlefelt carpets are found in the contract market, such as hotels and other places where huge traffic is expected.
Flat Weave
Weft and wrap threads are interlocked to create flat weave carpets that are found in different oriental types, such as soumak, plain weave, and tapestry weave. Flat woven carpets are most popular in oriental regions and Japan.
Hooked Rug
A kind of handmade rug, this carpet types is made by pulling strips of cloth, such as cotton or wool, through the meshes of a very sturdy fabric. Such carpets and rugs are more popularly known as handicrafts.
Saxony carpets are useful for formal as well as informal areas due to their extremely soft texture. They are made by twisting two or more fibers together tightly in a yarn and set straight through heating. Their soft surface exposes all footprints and even marks from a vacuum cleaner.
Textured Saxony
Textured carpets are one of the best selling carpet types due to their exceptionally soft feel and touch. The fibers are tightly twisted and hence, their texture exudes better durability. They come in solid and multi-color options, helping in hiding tracks and footprints.
Cut & Loop Piles
Cut and loop piles are created by combining both looped and cut fibers. They are popular for delivering a great surface texture and mediocre durability. You can choose a cut and loop piled carpet in solid as well as patterned colors and hence, is amongst the best types to use at home. Further, these carpets help in covering dirt and footprints in both formal and informal areas.

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