Dogs do what they have to, leaving a mess behind them to show that they do not care about the training we give them. Here’s how to get rid of dog urine odour.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Urine Smell From Carpet

“Uh-oh…” you start off. You take one look at the carpet and another look at the little monster that made you feel helpless – your little pooch. The dog looks excitedly at you, wagging its adorable little tail, and urging you to pet it. You know not whether to shout at it first or get to work. The truth is hard to face – your mutt has urinated on your carpet and you have a tough job in front of you. The problem is only compounded when you think of the fact that if the smell lingers, it would go over to the same spot and urinate again. So you not only have to get rid of the doggy pee stains but also the smell, so as to prevent any further onslaught on your carpet. Now, before you think of hiring a professional, we must tell you a secret; you can do it yourself, which is the best and the most economical way to do it. Here’s how to get rid of dog urine smell and stain from your carpet.

Removing Dog Urine Odor From Carpets

Things Required

  • Water
  • Distlilled Water
  • Vinegar
  • Paper Napkin
  • Towel


  • Notice the exact area on the rug where your pooch did what it felt right (!) and go over to that area with rags and paper napkins or towels. Blot several times with clean rag or paper towels. You will have to repeat this blotting till the area is dry; this will make the job of cleaning the carpet and getting rid of the odor easier.
  • Prepare a solution of one part distilled water with four parts of water, pour it into a spray bottle. If your pooch is still young and is not properly housebroken yet, you will need this solution often, so you must store it. If your dog is old enough and housebroken too, and this is just a one-off incident, you may decide against storing it.
  • One can only hope you have made a lot of this solution, because you will have to spray lots of it over the affected area, almost till it is wet.
  • Now, one must know that the vinegar that is used will need some time to neutralize the odors, so it is imperative that you leave the vinegar on for at least ten minutes before you clean it.
  • Use lots of paper towels or an absorbent rag to blot away all the vinegar. You will have to blot it dry.
  • Spray the carpet with odour neutralizer and let it stay for a few minutes. After it dries, set paper towels, paper bag, or layers of newspaper to protect the smell from your dog, lest the mutt returns to the same spot.
  • Tougher stains will require you to lift the carpet and clean the padding.
  • Keep a blacklight ready – they are available in pet stores and retail outlets. Turn off the lights and turn on the blacklight – the urine marks on your carpet will begin to show up in fluorescent lights and thus it will be easy for you to clean them.
  • You will have to absolutely firm with your dog when it comes to not peeing inside the house. You will have to scold it each time; though you may have to be gentle, you can afford to be firm just as much. Scolding once or twice will only confuse the pooch.
  • If you are still raising a pup, you will have to take it outside often, say to a garden or somewhere so that it can urinate there. You need not fear about other dogs since you will be going with it.

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