For having given your kitty the impression that it is the undisputed queen of the house, you have to look around for ways to get rid of its urine stains from the carpet.

How To Remove Yellow Cat Urine Stain Out Of Carpet

Cats are such supercilious creatures! You feed these furry darlings with all your love, you give them place to stay, you train your dog not to hurt it, falling for its huge eyes when it gives you that “Oh-so-innocent” look; in short, you do everything in your power to keep them happy and they act like backstabbers! Yes, that’s the word; backstabber! These cute little devils zero-in on your carpet to relieve themselves. Now, how do you get around to telling them how expensive it is to clean the carpet, which they clearly mistake to be their plush urinal? In its own call, your kitty is royalty and deserves every bit of the royalty that your are paying it homage with. Now, before you dial the helpline and hire a professional to get rid of the icky smell and the horrible yellow stain that you think you cannot clean yourself, here’s some news you can use – it can be cleaned at home, without professional help. Read on to know how to remove cat urine stains from your carpet.
How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Stain From Carpet
Here are some ways in which you can get rid of the stains that your cat left behind after it thought the carpet was its plush urinal:
  • The first thing that one needs to do is to cover the affected spot with lots of blotting paper or paper towels and blot the entire wet area several times. If you have been too careless and the spot has become dry by the time you take action for it, you could first wet the spot with a little bit of water, let it stay for a few minutes and then blot out the water.
  • Now that the preliminaries are taken care of, you should concentrate on removing both the odour and the stain. A combination of one part vinegar with three parts of water is excellent for neutralizing the odours. Remember to first test the vinegar solution on a piece of fabric that is hidden from view - under the cushion or on the backside of the furniture. If it works well, apply it on to the affected area generously or spray a good amount of it from a spray bottle. Place a dry rag or paper towels over the area and press them with your legs or place some weight over the towels. Remove the towels after half an hour or so.
  • If the stain is too old or too tough, you could also try investing in an extractor or wet vac, which is a vacuum cleaner that uses water to clean a spot and take in the dirty water inside, just like a vacuum cleaner does. It is available in some hardware stores and, though a little expensive, will prove to be quite an investment. The wet vac work like a vacuum cleaner and do the best job of forcing clean water through your carpet and then forcing the dirty water back out again. However, be sure not to use other strong cleaning products to clean the carpet, while using a wet vac as it will never give the same result with cleaning products as it gives with water.
  • Another easy solution that can remove the stains as well as the odor is achieved by adding one serving or ten ml of Listerine or any other strong mouthwash to a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide and using it through a spray bottle. Spray generous amounts of this solution on to the affected area, leave it on for a few minutes and them wash it off with enough water. If this method is used, you may not have to use an odour neutralizer on it.
  • Hardware shops sell carpet shampoos that are actually dissolved soap that comes out in the form of lather when sprayed. Scrub the area well with a carpet brush and rinse with enough water.

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