A single scratch can ruin a glass but that does not mean that you discard them. Read the article below on how you can fix scratched glasses.

How Can I Fix Scratched Glasses?

It is very difficult to keep children and glassware together in the same house. Both of them are mutually destructible to each other. Both also receive scratches (this is the least dangerous of all the harm that both can do to each other). And as for children you can take them to the doctor, but for glass scratches it is better do the treatment yourself. You must have thanked god that your glassware got saved with just a little scratch instead of being smashed to smithereens. However, day by day, the sight of the scratch gets on your nerves and the once extolled glass item becomes an eyesore. The fragility of the glasses makes them more susceptible to scratch. The beauty of the glass lies in its smoothness and any scratch diminishes its attractiveness. You must have seen how bad a scratched glass tabletop looks or a windshield. In addition, if your eyeglasses are scratched then your entire vision is at a stake. Replacing them is a good option but only if you can afford it. Also, you would not feel like replacing any glass item that you are emotionally attached to. Just because a gift becomes defective, its value does not decrease. The best option is to remove the scratch as effectively as possible and this can be done if the scratches are not deep. To help you in this go through the article below for tips on fixing scratched glasses. 
How To Fix Scratched Glasses
  • Nail paints can be effectively used to repair scratches from glasses. But for this you must use colorless nail paint. Apply a thin coat onto the scratched surface and then set it for drying. Using a clean cloth rub off the nail paint. If you want to remove the dried paint then use a nail polish remover.
  • Another good way to repair scratches from glasses is to use metal polishers like Brasso. In a piece of clean cloth take a few drops of this cleaner and polish the entire glass surface with it. You have to repeat this process several times for greater effect. The scratches reduce in prominence and so they are not visible.
  • Toothpaste is also very effective in repairing the glass scratches. This is only effective when you use the non-gel type of paste. Use the toothpaste to cover the scratch and leave it for drying. When the paste hardens, clean it with a cloth. The toothpaste is very good for repairing the scratches from a glass tabletop or the window.
  • Using a glass repair kit you can effectively repair the scratched glass of a windshield. Simple glass repair kit can be easily brought from an auto store. Light scratches are easier and safer but if the cracks are deep then seek professional help.
  • For repairing scratches on sunglasses, use glass-etching cream. This cream is mostly used for etching but it is also very effective in mending scratches. Take a few drops of this cream on a piece of cotton and apply it on the sunglass. Leave for a couple of minutes so that it sets and then wash with water. Repeat again if the scratch does not diminish on the first polish.
  • A very effective home remedy to mend scratched glasses is to use mustard and vinegar. Mix one part of dry mustard with one part of white vinegar into a paste. Now apply this paste onto the scratched surface and leave it for drying. After that wipe off with a cloth.
  • Jeweler’s rouge can be used to remove scratches from glass. Take some jeweler’s rouge on the scratch and rub it. This will effectively repair the scratch. One disadvantage is that jeweler’s rouge is quite expensive.
  • If the scratches are deep then seek professional help as immature handling can ruin the glass more. Sometimes scratches are too many and too deep. In such cases, the entire glass must be replaced.

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